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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A man who needed to be born again NIcodemus

A man who needed to be born again
You are special God gave you a family 

Your Mommy and Daddy are your family sisters and brothers are your family
God made Mommy and Daddy
God made you
God wants you to be part of his family

Nicodemus WAS A MAN
Nicodemus wanted to be in Gods family
He looked and looked for Jesus

NIcodemus waited for it to be dark out so no one would see him

There he is! Jesus is right there said
Jesus how can I be in your
Family? you are Gods son you make people that are sick all better
How can I have a home in heaven?
What does it mean the word born again?
How do you do this and that JEsus talked back to Nicodemus you must trust
me and be born again
What is that word said NIcodemus do I have to go back in my mommys belly
No said Jesus you do that just one time you trust me and When you die
I will give you a home in heaven but you have to ask first
you can't take it you trust me and ask me and then you can have a home in heaven
some day I went up up in the sky to get to heaven and when I come back said
JEsus I will take you and your families to heaven with me but you have to trust
and ask
Do you want to have a home in heaven? No one wants to go to a bad place where there is fire called hell.
Pray and ask Jesus to give you a home in Heaven.

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