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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Drunk

There was this man by the name of John he lived anormal life until he got tied up in the worlds drinks,the guys that drank alchohol,as a boy he always wanted to be a plolice man,and have a wife and three children by the time he reached the age of 17he wanted to be part of the worldly crowd so he hung out with the guys that drank alchohol thinking he will be excepted and a cool person by the time he reached twenty one he was drinking five cases a day of just alchohol his liver was shot it wasnt even there any more because he had it rotted out john is on the verge of dieing but he is still addicted to alchoholand still cant stop drinking he isnt saved yet but i heard about this story through a church programthat was put up for people like him and so how it works is it helps you have a walk with God and give theaddiction to him it is proven to work but he didnt think it would so he never went soi went to visit him in his house and told him that Jesus can and will save him too.if only he would accept it and believe on the lord Jesus Christ after i was done telling him the good news he got saved then he started to the church meetings and he lost the addiction and he got a new liver transplant and his health got better and stronger he ended up going back to school and got his degree in law and he found a girl of his dreams and got married and had three kids and he lived on with a successful christian life serving God got many many people saved and found true happiness. Caleb stayed up late last night writing this report for school the joy of my heart is to know i have a son that walks in truth he got off to a slow start in school this year being his twelveth year please keep him in prayer that God will use him in a mighty way all the days of his life caleb now 17 years old my youngest of seven children he makes me so proud of him in a Godly way he has been my soulwinning partner for years since his sisters and brothers have moved out and gone on with their own life he has never missed a Thursday night soulwinning rain snow cold and when he is sick he is the greatest son a Mom could ask for please continue to pray God will keep a hedge around him so the devil dont get his life. Success is not winning souls success is going fishing for souls and leaving the rest up to God!