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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Prayer for your child.....

I Pray for grace to praise you Heavenly Father every day. You more than deserve it,help me to say like David I will extol the Lord at all times his praise will always be on my lips.Your hand is not shortened at all that it can not redeem or have no power that you can redeem or no power to deliver.there is nothing too hard for you.I Believe you have called my child from the womb the same God that formed my child from the womb to be a servant.Father in heaven you have a reputation of answering my prayers always if I called you told me you would answer if according to your will for the sakes of your reputation I ask for my children to serve you all the days of their life if they backslide you are married to the backslider a God that can not lie show me in their life you hear my prayer to bring my child to repentance to a servant in which they are called according to your mercy thank you for the work you have done and the work you are about to do in Jesus name Amen