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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday another day to serve God!

Good to be in the house of the Lord tonight.from John our Pastor taught us the comforter The Holy Spirit teaches us brings things to rememberance and peace.

How can one piece of dirt say to another piece of dirt im better than you?

God hates pride as the Pharisees found out.No matter what ones position is or how much money we have or how good we think we are none of us can say we are better than another.God does not have favorites.Are we separate from the world because we think we are better than they or separate because we know we all are so easy to fall?
We have to be careful and not be a judge and play God we have no way possible to know what goes on the inside that only God can see,when we say we know why a person is suffering or doing wrong we put ourself in the judgement seat of God.And looking at the outside.We have no way of knowing who is saved accept by fruits that are produced even so there are trees made with false fruit,anyone can play the role of a Christian we are not God we can not judge,My prayer is that God will help me keep my big mouth shut and keep me out of other peoples business Jobs friends were wrong for judging him.Any one can walk the walk and talk the talk of a Christian just like an egg we can not tell the good eggs from the bad until we open the shell.
I Pray that my life on earth will make a differece in peoples lives not people making a differnce in mine.We dont live long we all have the appointment of death.What are the loved ones that are gone on before us looking down and seeing?

Baptist Youth leader sexually abusing a 15 year old girl.....

I Was reading this following article and i know the bible reads be sure your sin will
find you out.not might but will.The heart is so deceitful the flesh craves for sin and our heart lies to us i dont know how many cases of Christian leaders that fall into sin are falsely accused but if the leaders of churches would go by bible priciples they would not fall into sin or be falsely accused i dont worry about leaders falling as much as leaders falsely accused.My Pastor one time preached on evil appearance with an example if someone is walking down the street with a drink with a paper bag over it as he drinks what would you think?1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil
If the leaders would never be alone with a woman or minor they would be wiser.IT Should be the same rule out soulwinning we should never be alone so the devil (accuser)can accuse and bring an approach.My Pastor has never counciled alone he has a window in his office that we can see in as we walk by.The devil will attack Gods most active servants first.I Thank God I was taught this truth it protects and provides all things honest in a peoples trial in a court room.
Some people say it will never happen to them if only they knew how wicked and deceitful the heart and our flesh is.If David in the bible fell what makes us better than him?
In the bible it states a child that is left alone will bring his mother to shame...In the bible it reads Romans 13:14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.
Its a very hard job to train children.We will give an account one day on how we trained our children.
Why is this happening too many times in churches?If you were an enemy who would you go after to hurt God?When my children do wrong my heart bleeds and there are scars that never will heal.Dont we realize the way the devil can hurt God is to go after His children?and in Gods houses? People are not bad its the sin they do because of the sin nature.I Would rather be accused of over protection than falsely accused!
I Hate the fact of people using the therory of you dont have to worry because of looks or age that has nothing to do with our wicked deceitful heart that we inherited.There is no way possible for us not to sin 100% when we were born with a sin nature.If we never sin then Jesus would of suffered and died in vain.Some people are stronger than others but when we compare our self to Jesus then we can see ourself clearly in a mirror.
- A Tri-State youth minister has been arrested on sexual abuse charges.

Police say Jacob..... , is accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl.

Police say the suspected sexual abuse took place at ......... Baptist Church
he is listed on the church's website as the current youth director.

,,,,,,, police detectives arrested him Wednesday.

Police have charged ... with sexual abuse in the first degree.

14 News called the church for comment but so far our calls have gone unreturned.
How many more reports are at a church?