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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Prayer Journal

— My Prayer Journal —
Today’s Date: __________________
The Scripture that I read today was from:
Book Title: __________________ Chapter: _______ Verse(s): _______
—Today I Shared My Love of Christ With:
~ Answered Prayers ~
Date Answered: ________________
My Prayer Request for Today Is:
Hymn I read today:

My Prayer Journal

— My Prayer Journal —
Today’s Date: __________________
The Scripture that I read today was from:
Book Title: __________________ Chapter: _______ Verse(s): _______
—Today I Shared My Love of Christ With:

~ Answered Prayers ~
Date Answered: ________________
My Prayer Request for Today Is:__________________
Hymn or Psalm I read today: _______________________________
I Thank God for __________________________________
I praise God for _________________________________

found on

"My Daily Walk With God"

Online Devotional and Prayer Journal


Another definition of abide is to live up to. Do you live up to what the Bible tells you to do? Do you live up to the standard it requires? e final definition of abide is to carry out.

Are you carrying out or distributing the Word of God?

The Word of God is more than a Book to put into us; it is the words God wants to hear out of us.

Why does the Word of God have bearing upon my prayer life? This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but though shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. Joshua 1:8

Do you ever think what God thinks about His words? God loves those words.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35

All that will remain are the words of God. God loves His words. He loves them so much He calls His Son, "The Word." those words are so important to God that He says, "If you want your prayers to be answered, then I would like to hear my words. God says, If they are wonderful to Me, then I want to hear you using them.

God doesn't like Idol words. God doesn't like critical words. god doesn't like tail bearing. God says, I like my words, and I want to hear them out of your moth. In fact, they should never, ever cease to be coming out of your mouth.

Supplication is convincing God that you want to go where He is going and that wherever He goes is a delightful place to go.

When was the last time you used God's words in normal conversation You say, "well, I used them when I win a soul to Christ." Do you ever use them in a normal conversation, like at the supper table? I am working on that in my life. Talking about prayer is a rare commodity nowadays. What words of God do you use? With whom you ever talk about the Bible? Do you and your spouse ever talk about the Bible? God wants us to hear you use his Words. God wants to hear your opinion, your thoughts, your love, and your affection for His words.

The Word of God provides stability of thought during unstable times.

When you have unstable times like hearing about the unrest in the Middle East, and about war, bombs, rockets, and bloodshed or if your marriage is disintegrating and your spouse is absolute out of control, you feel like your world is falling apart within you. What do you do? You go to God. God says, "Read my words because the Word of God gives stability in unstable times."
"My Daily Walk With God"


The purpose of this page is to awaken your desire to pray and to make prayer a very important part of your life. We have always taught that Bible reading and prayer go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. I know that I should read my Bible, and I know that I should pray, but the connection between the two becomes a little hazy. John 15:7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. This verse shows how the two of them fit together and accomplish a great work as a team together.

In John 15:7, we have a great statement about prayer that somehow has been ignored because we have not used the right wording. We've been taught to read our Bibles and pray. So, generations of Christians have read the Bible, and they have gone to a prayer closet, never understanding that the two of them go together.

Abide means to remain in you. A man who read the Bible without much focus quickly forgets what he read. How do you read your Bible? Do you quickly forget what you have read? What remains in you is what abides in you. Only those Christians who have the word of God abiding in them have the right to say, "God, this is what I will," and God says, "if that is what your will, it shall be done."

It is not just how many words your eyeball saw; it is not how many verses you checked off in a course of reading. It is how many of those words do you submit? This is what God looks for when He wants to figure out if your prayers are worth answering.

JOHN 15:1-7

1. I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.

2. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

3. Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.

4. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

5. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

6. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

7. If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

Partnering with God begins with obedience to God in the matters of prayer, consistent Bible reading, soul winning, and regular church attendance.

God is always good...

We had a wonderful Christmas and now we are blessed with the beautiful snow God spoke in existence.
We have finally cleaned up alot of water from our furnace leaking water everywhere we had a plumber come out its going to be about $400.00 to repair.
I still don`t have another car after the accident but my son is letting us have his truck its about 16 years old and a loud muffler but it works.
when things fall apart I know who to put my trust in and go on to another day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Two saved

Thank you for all your prayers last night two young men received Christ last night.
What a Christmas gift.
Please keep Mrs.Brunk in your prayers.

Monday, December 13, 2010

God gives us our children

God "has not given you your children and the means to support them simply so that you may do with them as you please, or train them just to get ahead in the world. You have been earnestly commanded to raise them for God's service."

Martin Luther

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Gym class tomorrow!


I`m excited about going to school tomorrow,but I don`t think I Will play too much I bruised up my elbow playing too hard last week.

Who has their eyes on us?


Ch 16:9 For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of [them] whose heart [is] perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars.

Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

Lets be the light in this dark world

Lets make a difference in someones life.


If we won`t go who will?


I Love going to church with my family


I Missed doing nursery at church last night but it was great sitting next to my sweet heart in church.

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Patriots are winning!

Patriots are winning! This is a wonderful thing for new england but it wont make a difference on the world we live in. we need to get excited about things that will matter when we leave this world that one day we all will have an appointment with death which is not a termination but a separation.Act 5:32 And we are his witnesses of these things; and [so is] also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him. We need to witness before we loose the hedge of protection God put around us.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

This weeks lesson Psalm 126

Dr. Jack Schaap, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Hammond, Indiana
Elementary Sunday School Lesson


Psalm 126

Objects to have:

A happy face, stuck to the back of a sad face—both mounted on the end of a stick, so that by simply turning the stick, one face or the other is turned toward the children

Your Bible.

Introducing the lesson:

(While saying the following, turn the appropriate face toward the children.) The people in our Bible story today are first happy, then sad; then they are happy, then sad again, and then they are happy. (Put down the stick with the faces on it. Pick up your Bible.)

(Hold up your Bible, which is open to Psalm 126.) This is the book of Psalms. Our pastor has chosen a few Psalms from this book for us to study in our Sunday school lessons. There is a reason why each Psalm was written—there is a story behind each Psalm. Psalm 126 is a very short Psalm. Listen to it. (Read the Psalm to the children, having rehearsed well the reading of the Psalm so that you can read it with meaning to the children.)

(Put down your Bible and pick up the stick so that the happy face is turned toward the children.) How happy they were! God’s people, that is. They were living in the land that God had given them. There was plenty of food for everyone to eat—there were lots of fruit trees and grain growing in many fields. The daddies would harvest the grain and the mothers would make cakes and breads and cereals from them. There were lots of fields where big flocks of sheep could eat. There were many other kinds of animals, too. There were also rivers and streams from which the people could get water for drinking and cooking and washing. The people had homes in which to live, and they had nice clothes to wear.

They also had a large building in one part of their country; they called this big, beautiful building the temple. Some of the people lived close enough to the temple so that they could walk there any day they wanted to. Many people in the country had to travel a long ways to go to the temple. However far they had to go, they all liked to go there. They loved to meet their friends there. They loved to sing songs about God. They loved to hear a teacher teach the Word of God. They loved to pray, and they loved to tell each other about the answers to prayer that they had. How happy they were!

But, Psalm 126 has the word "captivity" in it. (Turn the stick so that the sad face is toward the children.) Captivity! Why were the people captive?

God’s people had forgotten to be grateful to Him! God’s people had stopped praying! God’s people stopped learning about God!

Telling the story:

God said to His people who were called the Israelites, "There are people all around you—people who are not My people. They will not trust Me; they will not obey Me. Do not make friends of these people. Do not go places with them. Do not go to their homes. Do not allow your children to play with their children. Keep yourselves separated from these people."

God’s people obeyed Him for awhile. The children of God’s people played only with each other. The young men dated only the young ladies who were God’s people. On the days when they were supposed to go to the temple, they were happy and delighted to do so. On other days, the families of God’s people gathered around in their homes at the close of each day and they prayed and they talked about God, and they talked about how they should not sin.

After awhile the men of God’s people started to talk to the men who were not God’s people. They thought, "Those are nice men. Why do we have to be separated from them? We’ll work with them; we’ll have long talks with them." Some of the men who were not God’s people began to say to the men who were God’s people, "How can you talk to a God whom you cannot see? You should think about our gods—we can see them. When we pray, we keep our eyes open, and we look at the statues that are our gods. Come see our gods."

God’s people should not have done it, but they went to look at those false gods. The Israelites wanted gods they could see, so they made some statues out of stone, and they made some statues out of wood—some to look like men and some to look like women. They called these things gods, and they bowed down and prayed to them. They even put some of them in the temple where they were supposed to pray to only the true, living God. In the yard in front of the temple—called the court—they prayed to the sun, the moon, the stars—calling them gods. Some men and some women became fortune tellers. God’s people were doing awful things. And God saw it all.

There were some people who still loved God and who still obeyed Him. They were God’s preachers. God said to His preachers, "Tell My people to turn from their wicked ways." The preachers preached to the people, but most of the people would not listen. Most of the people would not stop their sinning. God said to His preachers, "All right, now I have to punish My people."

And so it was that God let enemy kings and enemy armies come to the country where God’s people lived. The enemy armies killed many of God’s people. Many of God’s people were taken captive by the enemy armies. They were taken away from their home and made to go to the country where the enemy lived. What a terribly sad time that was! God was allowing it all to happen because His people had disobeyed Him. They had stopped being grateful for what He had done for them. They had stopped studying His Word and praying to Him. They made false gods.

How sad the Israelites were in the country of the enemy! They were captives there. Then they remembered their sin. Then they asked God to forgive them.

(Turn the happy face toward the children.) Then one day their sadness was turned to joy. They were going to get to go home! A few of the men made the long journey back to God’s country. They went back to Jerusalem and to the land around that city. There they built up the walls again and built the temple again and built houses. The women and the children came back, too. It was all like a wonderful dream. They were no longer captives. Then were their mouths filled with laughter and their tongues with singing. The people who lived around them—people who had never trusted God—said, "The Lord hath done great things for them." And God’s people said, "The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad."

And then God’s people were sad again. (Turn the sad face toward the children.) They thought about all the people around them. They thought about how they did not know God as their God, and they began to cry about this. They said, "The true, living God is the only God. We have remembered that. We want other people to know it, too."

Many people will die and not go to Heaven because they have not trusted Jesus as their Saviour. That’s a very sad thought. Because of that sad thought, God’s people want other people to know how to be saved. And so they go to the people who need to know Jesus as their Saviour. God’s people say, "Please listen to me. I am here to tell you how you may know how to go to Heaven. Please understand that everybody is a sinner. You are a sinner, too. Sin has to be punished. Jesus paid that punishment for everybody. If you believe that, and trust Jesus as your Saviour, you can go to Heaven when you die, too."

(Turn the stick so that the smiling face is toward the children.) Some people listen, and some people ask Jesus to be their Saviour. God’s people who were crying because of those who were going to Hell, were then rejoicing because the people who got saved will go to Heaven when they die. They are happily bringing to church those who have asked Jesus to be their Saviour. They are happily bringing them down the aisles. They are happily saying, "These people have asked Jesus to be their Saviour. Isn’t that wonderful!"

There are only six verses in this chapter in the book of Psalms. The chapter has a number. It is called Psalm 126. Let’s remember it. First, God’s people were happy and grateful to God for all His blessings. Then they decided to go their own way in sin and not obey God. How sad they were to be taken captives! Anyone who follows the Devil is a captive of the Devil and of sin. Then God’s people turned back to Him, and they were free. Then they were sad to think of the people who did not know God, and they wanted them to know Him. Just as we tell others about Jesus so that they can be saved, so did God’s people want those who lived around them to know Him, too. As they saw others trust Him as their Saviour, then they were happy, and that is the story behind Psalm 126.

As I Was reading this lesson this morning I need to take the time to pray for soulwinning tonight I will see lots of drunkards homeless and other people in need tonight when I go into others homes I cant tell them how to talk or take down certain pictures or dress a certain way but I can be filled with the Spirit that when I am around they will know Gods presence is there,
16And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday church night!

I am so excited about attending church tonight,especially
since my grown children moved across the street from the church.what a blessing to have a break between church services and fellowship with family.I have been called to the area for many years when ever I see an apartment empty I would ask God to fill it with a family that will attend church,whoever would of thought it would be my family that I visited in PA.My hope and prayer is God will use them in a mighty way to help reach the area for Christ.God is so mighty and good there is nothing my God can not do.None of us deserve Gods goodness.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A merry heart doeth good like medicine...

A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.

14The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.

15All the days of the afflicted are evil: but he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.

I Don`t know why anyone would not want to be happy David encouraged himself in the Lord.I Want to stay joyful to help others so to search the scriptures for the recipe of joy always works.if Im not happy I can ruin someones day.
I Love working here at school when I am helping children to love God and have the right attitude.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Friday, November 19, 2010

The next generation

I Went out soulwinning last night with a friend she is the next generation,I got on the subject of Who is going to take my place when I`m no longer here.I told her without people going out giving the gospel we will lose the church.If a church don`t produce the next generation we will lose the battle.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday please keep teens in prayer as they play ball tonight,

I Believe God will one day call us home no one is exempt we all have a course to complete we all have a battle to fight.We all have an appointment with death until we have completed the work God has given us to do we will stay here on earth what a blessing to know God has entrusted us with the souls of men.
God will use the willing.We all have a job assignment.
The only way we can get the job done is fully depend on one is better than another only Jesus is worthy.John 15:4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.
15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.
15:4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

I Need Gods power along lifes highway
I must seek to please others as I humbly bow and pray
My eyes must stay shut my ears must stay open
As Our God in Heaven has softly spoken
There is many a time an open door
if i wonder then wonder no more
when sin abides in the same old rut
the open door is no longer open but rather shut
The sin of unforgiveness the prayer of disbelief
brings dishonor and painfully no relief

When Grandchildren are around it reminds me of the importance of the next generation keeping the old time religion.It was good enough for....

Kids Internet Safety
Be Ready and Beware, Tips for Kids Internet Safety
From Linda Roeder, former Guide

See More About:
•staying safe online
•keep kids safe

There are a lot of kids Internet safety issues facing our kids today. Kids Internet safety has never been more important. With them implementation and popularity of social networking and IM kids Internet safety has really become a top concern for parents. Here are some thoughts and tips to help you as you think about how to face kids Internet safety with your kids.

Kids Internet Safety Issues
Kids are very naive and trusting, even teens. They don't know how the world works and they don't understand the extreme dangers that lay waiting out there in the world. That's why we, the parents and teachers, need to educate them on kids Internet safety.

Social networking, IM, chat, and all those other things that are out there on the Internet sucking our kids in are things we need to think about when we think about kids Internet safety. When someone "friends" your child they've made the first step. If they're a bad person, they're on their way to finding a way to meet with them. This is the most important thing you need to talk to your child about when it comes to kids Internet safety.

Also, talk to your kids about not putting personal information online. Kids Internet safety becomes compromised when they start adding information like where they live, their address, phone number and other information to the Web.

Social Networking for Kids
I urge you not to believe that there are no kids Internet safety issues and that your child is safe just because he/she is on a child based social networking site. The kids Internet safety is higher than it is on MySpace, I'll give you that, but they are never 100% safe. It would be like thinking your child is 100% safe at a fenced in playground just because you're sitting down the block reading a book.

Predators can pretend to be a child just as well on a child based social network. They can pretend to be your child's friend just as well too. They can set up a play date just as well outside of the Internet too.

Prepare your child for predators. Kids Internet safety means letting them know about the bad people out there and telling them never to meet with anyone without an adult with them. Just like you wouldn't let your child go visit someone down the road that you've never met, don't let them meet with someone online that you've never met either.

One the other side of this very thin line. Let them have fun and be kids. Social networking and playing games online can be a very fun and fulfilling time in their lives. It's also setting them up with the social networking skills they may need in their future to communicate with friends and employers.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good week

We just got home from an excellent message from 3 John
To walk in truth love reading the kjv bible fellowship prayer staying in church serving last but not least growing

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Wednesday Church tonight

-----------Our church tonight will be planning a study on 3 John the shortest letter that is recorded written by John.---------------------------------------------------------------------

[1] The elder unto the wellbeloved Gaius, whom I love in the truth.
[2] Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
[3] For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in the truth.
[4] I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
[5] Beloved, thou doest faithfully whatsoever thou doest to the brethren, and to strangers;
[6] Which have borne witness of thy charity before the church: whom if thou bring forward on their journey after a godly sort, thou shalt do well:
[7] Because that for his name's sake they went forth, taking nothing of the Gentiles.
[8] We therefore ought to receive such, that we might be fellowhelpers to the truth.
[9] I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not.
[10] Wherefore, if I come, I will remember his deeds which he doeth, prating against us with malicious words: and not content therewith, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and forbiddeth them that would, and casteth them out of the church.
[11] Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.
[12] Demetrius hath good report of all men, and of the truth itself: yea, and we also bear record; and ye know that our record is true.
[13] I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee:
[14] But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greet the friends by name.

Monday, November 1, 2010

[7] Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham.
[26] For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.
[3] Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world:
Im so glad Helloween is over I dont see any good and honor that is done on this holiday for our God.
To be a part of the world is so confusing to our children.Christmas is the same way.My daughter told her three year old santa is not real when she took her to the mall she saw a man in a suit dressed like santa her daughter shouted out Santa is real he is moving!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Romans 2:21 Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself?
Great school year.I Like watching the teachers learn.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soccer award!

The children I teach in gym class had a good time playing soccer.Hayden got an award for number #1soccer player.

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Jeff Owens preaching

I Thank God for preachers that preach for God and not for self
The things I preach to keep our church morally strong.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love Wednesday

I Have through experience tasted God is always good and knows what is best for me more than I know what is best.Seeking good always brings joy.
Church tonight prayer request.
Great church service tonight.Birds of the same feather flock together
1 John 5:1 Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him.
5:2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments.
5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet Sunday

A Wonderful day today the sermon this morning teaching to depend on God or God will teach us to depend upon Him.
Tonights message keep a song in your heart when your health fails when discouragement comes.
so that we may boldly say The Lord is my helper Hebrews 13:6

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Anchor Baptist Church open Sunday

Pumpkin Harvest Festival - Saco, Maine - Saturday, October 16, 2010
The Pumpkin Harvest Festival will be held in Saco, Maine on Saturday, October 16, 2010 on Main Street. There will be lots of pumpkins and children activities.

New Gloucester, Maine Community Fair (October 16, 2010)
The New Gloucester Community Fair will take place on Saturday, October 16, 2010. The location is the 106 Bald Hill Road on the New Gloucester Fairgrounds. There will be a parade, music, crafts, fireworks, children activities and more. This is the tenth year the fair is being held. There is free admission and free parking.

Last day of the Fairs for this year.

county fair
106 Bald Hill Road
New Glouster Maine
What a beautiful day for a fair fire works tonight 7;00pm beautiful day just to enjoy driving to see the Fallage
only a fool can say in his heart their is no God
Psalms 8:3 When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained

I love the seasons
Daniel 2:21 And he changeth the times and the seasons

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday last day of school.

Last day of school before fall break a week off.
Soulwinning last night was a strange night my friend almost prayed the sinners prayer with two teens 16 years old when they were in the middle of a prayer their cell came up with a message they both took off running.Talk abour almost persuaded...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday soulwinning

Please keep us in prayer as I get to go out an hour earlier with a friend.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wise men still seek Him. Wise men follow Him

I think a good way to follow is to gather our self together tonight and have a meeting with believers to pray.
Our Pastor is probably working on a lesson Spiritual food)for tonight.I always get discouraged when I prepare a meal and my husband is late or already ate.We have only so much we can get filled up on.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prayer request

Please pray for Faith someone took her new iphone $600.00 out of her car in Nevada.
Please pray that the person that has it will have a heart to return it.
God has used her to pay over $300.00 to have our furnace cleaned after having the firemen called in for carbon monoxide poisoning for not having the furnace cleaned for three years.which caused black smoke from the chimney.
My prayer is God will richly bless her and use her to win souls.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jeff Owens preaching

I Thank God for good preaching on the times I miss preaching while on nursery duty.

Sunday PM Preachers Of a Very Small Remnant
A good sermon for people who think a Pastor is not supposed to preach loud!

Thank you for supporting my site!

Jesus is my best friend

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Without Jesus I can do nothing!

Jesus lives!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Payak Na Paraan Ng Diyos Ukol Sa Kaligtasan

KAIBIGAN:Itinatanong ko sa iyo ang pinakamahalagang tanong ng buhay. Ang iyong katuwaan o ang iyong kalungkutan sa ngayon at sa walang hanggan ay nakasalalay dito. Ang tanong ay: Ikaw ba’yLIGTAS?Hindi ang kahulugan nito ay kung ikaw ay kaanib sa isang iglesiya, kundi lkaw ba’yLIGTAS?Hindi rin ito nangangahulugan kung gaano ka kabuti, kundi, lkaw ba’yLIGTAS?Sinuman ay hindi makatatanggap ng mga biyaya ng Diyos o makaparoroon sa langit nang hindi ligtas. Sinabi ni Jesus kay Nikodemo sa Juan 3:7 —“Kinakailangang ipanganak kang muli.”Ibinibigay ng Diyos sa atin sa Kaniyang Banal na Salita angTANGINGparaan ukol sa Kaligtasan. Ang Paraan ay payak: Ikaw ay maililigtasNGAYON.

Una, kaibigan, dapat mong tanggapingIKAW AY ISANG MAKASALANAN.Mga Taga- Roma 3:10, 22, 23, —“Walang matuwid, wala,WALA, KAHIT ISA. Sapagka’t walang pagkakaiba: sapagka’t ang lahat ay nangagkasala, at hindi nangakaabot sa kaluwalhatian ng Diyos.”

WALANG PAG-ASANG MAKALIGTASmaliban na kung tatanggapin mong ikaw ayMAKASALANAN.

Sapagka’t ikaw ay makasalanan, ikaw ay hinatulang mamatay. Romano 6:23 —“Sapagka’t ang kabayaran ng kasalanan ay kamatayan.”Santiago 1:15 —“Ang kasalanan — ay namunga ng kamatayan.”

Ang kahulugan nito ay ang pagkakahiwalay sa Diyos, at pamamalagi saIMPIYERNO MAGPAKAILANMAN.Kakila-kilabot? Oo, kaibigan, nguni’t, totoo ito. Datapuwa’t gayon na lamang ang pagsinta ng Diyos sa iyo, naIBINIGAY NIYA ANG KANIYANG BUGTONG NA ANAK,si Jesukristo, bilang iyongKAHALILI,Na nagdala ngIYONGmga kasalanan at namatay para sa iyo.

Il Mga Taga-Korinto 5:21 —“Yaong si Jesus hindi nakakilala ng kasalanan ay kaniyang inaring may sala dahil sa atin: Upang tayo’y maging sa kaniya’y katuwiran ng Diyos.”

1 Pedro 2:24 —“Na siya rin ang nagdala ng ating mga kasalanan sa kaniyang katawan sa punong kahoy, upang pagkamatay natin sa mga kasalanan, ay mangabuhay tayo sa katuwiran; na dahil sa kaniyang mga sugat ay nangagsigaling kayo.”

Hindi natin maunawaan kung paanong ipinapasan kay Jesus ang ating kasalanan, nguni’t sinasabi ng Diyos saKANIYANG SALITAna ganoon nga. Kaya, kaibigan, angIYONG KASALANAN AYipinapasanKAY JESUSatSIYA’Y NAMATAYSA HALIP MO. Totoo ito. Ang Diyos ay di maaaring magsinungaling.

Tinanong ng bantay sa bilangguan ng Pilipos sina Pablo at Silas, “Ano ang dapat kongGAWINupangMALIGTAS?”

Ang Mga Gawa 16:31“At kanilang sinabi, Manampalataya ka sa Panginoong Jesus, at maliligtas ka, ikaw at ang iyong sambahayan.”

Maniwala ka lamang sa Kaniya na Siyang nagpasan ngIYONG KASALANAN, NAMATAYdahil saIYO,inilibing, at nabuhay na muli para saIYONG IKAPAGIGING GANAP.Ngayon din ay tumawag ka sa Kaniya.

Mga Taga-Roma 10:13 —“Sapagka’t, Ang lahat na magsisitawag sa pangalan ng Panginoon ay mangaliligtas.”Ang unang dalangin para sa isangMAKASALANANay nasa — San Lukas 18:13 —“Datapuwa’t ang maniningil ng buwis, na nakatayo sa malayo ay ayaw na itingin man lamang ang kaniyang mga mata sa langit, kundi dinadagukan ang kaniyang dibdib, na sinasabi, Diyos, ikaw ay mahabag sa akin, na isang makasalanan.”Ikaw ay makasalanan at dahil doon ikaw ay nagsisisi.NGAYON DINsaan ka man naroroon, ilapit mo sa Diyos ang iyong puso sa pananalangin. Hindi na kailangan ang mahaba at malakas na pananalangin, sapagka’t ang Diyos ay naghihintay upang iligtas ka. Sabihin mo lamang: Diyos ko, ako po’y makasalanan at ako’y nagsisisi,MAHABAGpo kayo sa akin, atILIGTASako alang-alang kay Jesus. Tanggapin moSIYAayon sa Kaniyang Salita.

Mga Taga-Roma 10:13 —“Sapagka’t ang lahat(KABILANG KA)na nagsisitawag sa Pangalan ng PanginoonAY MALILIGTAS(MALILIGTAS,hindi baka o marahil ayMALILIGTAS).”Tanggapin mo Siya ayon sa KaniyangSALITA.Pagkatapos nito,ANGKININ MO ANG KALIGTASANsa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya ayon sa KaniyangSALITA. MANAMPALATAYA KAatIKAW AY MALILIGTAS.Walang simbahan, lohiya, o mabubuting gawa na makapagliligtas sa iyoWALA KUNDI SI KRISTO LAMANG ANG MAKAPAGLILIGTAS SA IYO.

Ang payak na paraan ng kaligtasan ay:IKAW AY MAKASALANAN:dahil dito ikaw ayDAPAT MAMATAYo dili kaya ay manampalataya kay Kristo na siyang humalili sa iyo at namatay. SaHALIP MO,inilibing at binuhay na maguli. Tumawag ka saDIYOS NA TINATANGGAP MONGikaw ay makasalanan at hingin mo saKANIYANGkahabagan ka at iligtas ka alang-alang kay Jesus.Sasabihin mo marahil, “Iyan lamang ba ang kailangan upang maligtas?” Oo, Iyan lamang. Salamat sa Diyos at marami ang na kay, Kristo sa payak na paraang ito. Ito’y Ayon sa Banal NaKASULATAN.ITO ANG PARAAN NG DIYOS.Kaibigan,PANAMPALATAYANAN MO ITO AT SUNDIN NGAYON DIN.Ngayon ang panahong ukolngayon ang araw.

II Korinto 6:2 — (Sapagka’t sinasabi niya,“Sa panahong ukol kita’y pinakinggan, At sa araw ng pagliligtas kita’y sinaklolohan: Narito, ngayon ang panahong ukol; narito, ngayon ang araw ng kaligtasan:”)

Mga Kawikaan 27:1 —“Huwag mong ipaghambog ang kinabukasan: Sapagka’t hindi mo nalalaman kung ano ang ilalabas ng ibang araw.”

Kung di pa lubos na malinawan,BASAHIN MONG PAULIT-ULIThanggang maunawaan mo. Huwag bitiwan ang babasahing ito hanggang sa maunawaan mo.ANG KALULUWA MOay higit na mahalaga kaysa buong daigdig.

Markos 8:36, 37 —“Sapagka’t ano ang mapapakinabang ng tao, na makamtan ang buong sanlibutan, at mapapahamak ang kaniyang buhay? Sapagka’t anong ibibigay ng tao na katumbas sa kaniyang buhay?”


Ililigtas ka niya atIINGATAN KA NIYA.

I Korinto 10:13 —“Hindi dumating sa inyo ang lamang tukso kundi yaong matitiis ng tao: datapuwa’t tapat ang Diyos, na hindi niya itutulot na kayo’y tuksuhin ng higit sa inyong makakaya; Kundi kalakip din ng tukso ay gagawin naman ang paraan ng pag-ilag, upang ito’y inyong matiis.”

HUWAG KANGmagtiwala sa iyong damdamin. Iyan ay nagbabago. Magtiwala ka sa mgaPANGAKOngDIYOS. ANG MGA ITO AY DI NAGBABAGO KAILANMAN.


MANALANGIN KA — MAKIPAG-USAPka sa Diyos.BASAHIN MO ANG IYONG BANAL NA KASULATAN — Makikipig-usap sa iyo ang Diyos.IPAHAYAG MO SIYA — Magsalita ka para sa Kaniya.

Mateo 10:32 —“Kaya’t ang bawa’t kumikilala sa akin sa harap ng mga tao, ay kikilananin ko naman siya sa harap ng aking Ama na nasa-langit.”

Kung ligtas ka na, lihaman mo kami at nang kami ay makigalak sa iyo.



Rafiki yangu:Ninakuuliza swali muhimu maishani mwako. Furaha yako ya milele au huzuni yako ya milele inategemea jibu Ia swali hili. Swali ni hili:Je, umeokolewa?Si swali la jinsi ulivyo mwema, wala si swali la kama u mshiriki wa kanisa, bali:Je, umeokolewa? Una uhakika kwamba utaenda mbinguni utakapokufa?

Mungu anasema kwamba, ili uende mbinguni, ni lazima uzaliwe mara ya pili. Katika Yohana 3:7, Yesu alisema kwa Nikodemo, “Ni lazima uzaliwe mara ya pili.”

Katika Biblia Mungu anatupatia njia ya pekee ya kuzaliwa mara ya pili, yaani kuokolewa.Njia yake ni rahisi! Unaweza kuokolewa leo. Vipi?

Kwanza, rafiki yangu, ni lazima utambue kwambawewe u mwenye dhambi.“Kwa sababu wote wamefanya dhambi,na kupungukiwa na utukufu wa Mungu”(Warumi 3:23).

Kwa sababu u mwenye dhambi,umehukumiwa kufa.“Kwa maana mshahara wa dhambi ni mauti”(Warumi 6:23). Hii ina maana kutengwa na Mungu katika jehanum milele.“Na kama vile watu wanavyowekewa kufa mara moja, na baada ya kufa hukumu”(Waebrania 9:27).

Lakini Mungu alikupenda mno hata akamtoa Mwanawe pekee, Yesu, ili azichukue dhambi zako na kufa pahali pako.“Yeye asiyejua dhambi[Yesu, ambaye hakujua dhambi yo yote]alimfanya kuwa dhambi kwa ajili yetu, ili sisi tupate kuwa haki ya Mungu katika Yeye”(2 Wakorintho 5:21).

Ilimbidi Yesu amwage damu yake na kufa.“Kwa kuwa uhai wa mwili u katika hiyo damu”(Mambo ya Walawi 17:11).“. . . Pasipo kumwaga damu hakuna ondoleo[msamaha]”(Waebrania 9:22).

“Bali Mungu aonyesha pendo lake yeye mwenyewe kwetu sisi, kwa kuwa Kristo alikufa kwa ajili yetu, tulipokuwa tungali wenye dhambi”(Warumi 5:8).

Ingawa hatuelewi ni jinsi gani, Mungu alisema kuwa dhambi zangu na dhambi zako ziliwekwa juu ya Yesu naalikufa pahali petu.Yesu akawafidia yetu[badala yetu].Ni kweli. Mungu hawezi kusema uongo.

Rafiki yangu,“Mungu . . . anawaagiza watu wote wa kila mahali watubu”(Matendo 17:30). Kutubu huku au toba hii ni badiliko la nia akilini; kukubaliana na Mungu kuwa mtu ni mwenye dhambi, na kukubaliana na yale aliyoyafanya Yesu kwa ajili yetu msalabani.

Katika Matendo 16:30-31, mlinzi wa gereza wa Filipi aliwauliza Paulo na Sila,“Mabwana, yanipasa nifanye nini nipatekuokoka?Wakamwambia,mwaminiBwana Yesu, nawe utaokoka . . . .”

Mwamini tu Bwana Yesu ambaye alibeba dhambi zako, akafa badala yako, akazikwa, na Mungu alimfufua.Ufufuo wake unahakikisha kwa nguvukuwa aaminiye anaweza kudai uzima wa milele anapompokea Yesu kuwa Mwokozi wake.

“Bali wote waliompokea aliwapa uwezo wa kufanyika watoto wa Mungu, ndio wale waliaminio jina lake”(Yohana 1:12).

“Kwa kuwakilaatakayeliitia jina la Bwanaataokoka”(Warumi 10:13). Neno“kila”linakujumlisha na wewe.“Ataokoka,” maana yake si labda, au inawezekana, bali ni kwa uhakika“ataokoka.”

Hakika, unatambua kuwa u mwenye dhambi? Po pote ulipo sasa hivi, ukitubu, inua moyo wako kwa Mungu katika maombi.

Katika Luka 18:13, mwenye dhambi mmoja aliomba:“Ee Mungu, uniwie radhimimi mwenye dhambi.”Basi omba:“Ee Mungu, ninajua kuwa ni mwenye dhambi. Ninaamini kuwa Yesu alikuwa fidia yangu alipokufa msalabani. Ninaamini damu yake aliyomwaga, kufa kwake, kuzikwa kwake, na kufufuka kwake kulikuwa kwa ajili yangu. Sasa ninampokea awe Mwokozi wangu. Asante kwa msamaha wa dhambi zangu, zawadi ya wokovu na uzima wa milele, kwa sababu ya neema yako ya huruma. Amina.”

Mwamini Mungu katika Neno lake, na dai wokovu wake kwa imani. Amini, na utaokoka. Hakuna kanisa, wala jumba, wala matendo mema yawezayo kukuokoa.Kumbuka, Mungu ndiye aokoaye. Basi!

Njia rahisi ya wokovu ya Mungu ni:Wewe u mwenye dhambi na usipomwamini Yesu ambaye alikufa pahali pako, utakaa milele jehanum. Ukimwamini kuwa Mwokozi wako ambaye alisulubiwa, akazikwa, akafufuka, utapokea msamaha wa dhambi zako zote, na utapokea zawadi [karama] ya uzima wa milele kwa imani.

Unasema, “Kweli, haiwezi kuwa rahisi hivi.”Ndiyo, ni rahisi hivyo! Ndivyo ulivyo mpango wa Mungu wa wokovu katika Maandiko.Rafiki yangu, mwamini Yesu na kumpokea kuwa Mwokozi wako leo.

Ikiwa huu mpango wake wa wokovu hauko wazi au haueleweki kwako, soma kijikaratasi hiki tena na tena, pasipo kukiweka chini, mpaka umeuelewa ujumbe wake. Nafsi yako ni ya thamani zaidi kuliko vyote vya ulimwengu.

“Kwa kuwa itamfaidia mtu nini kuupata ulimwengu wote, akipata hasara ya nafsi yake?”(Marko 8:36).

Hakikisha kwamba umeokoka. Ukipoteza nafsi yako utapoteza mbingu na utapoteza vyote. Tafadhali, mruhusu Mungu akuokoe sasa hivi.

Nguvu ya Mungu itakuokoa, itakulinda, na kukuwezesha kuishi maisha ya ushindi ya Kikristo.“Jaribu halikuwapata ninyi, isipokuwa lililo kawaida ya wanadamu; ila Mungu ni mwaminifu; ambaye hatawaacha mjaribiwe kupita mwezavyo; lakini pamoja na lile jaribu atafanya na mlango wa kutokea, ili mweze kustahimili”(1 Wakorintho 10:13).

Usitegemee hisia zako – jinsi unavyojisikia. Hisia zinabadilika-badilika. Simama juu ya ahadi za Mungu. Ahadi za Mungu hazibadiliki. Ukiisha kuokoka, kuna mambo matatu ya kufanya kila siku ili ukue kiroho:Omba– unazungumza na Mungu.Soma Biblia yako– Mungu anazungumza nawe.Shuhudia– waambie watu wengine kwa niaba ya Mungu.

Unapaswa kubatizwa katika utii kwa Bwana Yesu Kristo kuwa ushuhuda wa hadhara wa wokovu wako, halafu, bila kuchelewa, jiunge na kanisa ambalo linaamini Biblia.“Basi usiuonee haya ushuhuda wa Bwana wetu . . . ”(2 Timotheo 1:8).

“Basi, kila mtu atakayenikiri mbele ya watu, nami nitamkiri mbele za Baba yangu aliye mbinguni”(Mathayo 10:32).

Ford Porter, Mwandishi



Kempoak Pahi: I men idek rehmw peidek ehu me keieu kesempwal nan moaur. Ahmw insenamwahu de ahmw insensuwed poatoapoat pahn pwil sang ni peidek wet. Iet peideko: Ke koamoauralahr? Kaiden peidek en iawen ahmw mwahu, de ma ke iang towe mwomwodiso ehu, ahpw ke koamoauralahr? Ke ese me ke pahn kohla Nanleng ma ke mehla?

Koht mahsani me emen en kak kohla Nanleng, ah en ipw sapahl. Nan John 3:7, Jesus mahsani ong Nicodemus, “Kowe en ipw sapahl.”

Nan Bible Koht ketkihong kitail plahn en atail en ipw sapahl met wehwehki en koamoaurala. Sapwenlime plahn me mengei! Ke kak koamoaurala rahn wet. Iaduwe?

Keieu, kempoak pai, ke uhdahn koanehng ese me kowe me dipan emen. “Pwe karos wiadahr dihp, oh sohte kak koanoahdi lingan en Koht” (Romans 3:23).

Pwehki kowe me dipan emen, ke pakadeikadahr ong mehla. “Pwe pwain (pweipwei) en dihp, iei mehla.”(Romans 6:23). Met pil wehwehki tohrohrala soutuk sang Koht oahng nan Hell.

“...a kileldiehr ong aramas amen en mehla pahn mehpak a mwiri kadeiko” (Hebrews 9:27).

Ahpw en Koht limpok oang uhk me laud Ihme me E ketkihdohki sapwenlime Iehros, Jesus, en alehda dipomw kan oh kammatkihla dipom kan. “ kotin kapwukoahnki oahng, me soh dipe, dip atail, pwe kitail en pungkihla pah rehn Koht” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Jesus koanehng en kakerehdi intah oh kamatala. “Pwe mour en waren uduk mih nan intah” (Lev. 17:11). “ sohte kakeredi en inta, nan dihp sohte kak lapwada [kohsang]” (Hebrews 9:22).

“Pwe Koht kotin kasansalehda Ah limpoak ong kitail, ni en Christ ah matkin kitail lahr ni ansoun atail dipan” (Romans 5:8).

Ahpw sang ni atail sohte kak wehwehki duwe, Koht mahsani me dipai kan oh dipomw kan pwilidioangehr pohn Jesus oh E matkin kitail lahr.I me wiahlahr wiliepe-tail. Met mehlel. Koht sohte kak likamw.

Kempoak pai, “Koht...ansou wet a kotin mahsanih ong aramas koaros, ren koaluhla wasa koaros” (Wihwia 17:30).

Koaluhla wet iei weklahn madamadau me pwung kidahr mwohn Koht me aramas koaros me dipan, oh me pil pwung ong dahme Jesus wiaieng kitail pohn lohpwuo.

Nan Wihwia 16:30-31, silepen imweteng en Phillipai me idek rehn Paul oh Sailas: “...’Maingko, dahme I en wiahda pwen koamoaurla?’ O ira mahsanih: Pwoson Kaun Jesus Christ, ah kowe pahn koamoaurla...”

Ihte, pwoson me Christ ketin pwukoahkihdier dipomw kan, oh kammat kin uhkalahr oh seridier, oh iei I me Koht kotin kaiesadahr.

Manaman en Ah iasada kamanahlahr me aramas emen me pwoson pahn kak en ale moaur soutuk ni eh kasamwoiher Jesus en wiahla ah Soundoar.

“Ah koaros me kasemwo Ih, ah ketkihong ihr manaman en wiahla seri en Koht, ihr me pwoson mware” (John 1:12).

“Pwe emen emen me likwer ohng mwaren Kauno pahn koamoaurla” (Romans 10:13).

Emen emen, kowe pil iang. Pahn koamoaurala wehwehki kaiden mwein, de kak, ahpw udahn pahn koamoaurala.

Ni mehlel, ke esehier me kowe me dipan emen. Ansou wet, wasa me ke mihe... koaluhla, mweidoahng mongiongomw Koht oh kapakap.

Nan Luke 18:13, iet kapakap en me dipan emen: “Maing Koht komw kotin kupwureia me dipan eman.” Wia kapakap wet:

“Maing, Koht, I ese me ngehi me dipan emen. I kamehlele me Jesus iei wiliepei ni Eh kamatala pohn lopwuo. I kamehlele sapwenlime intah, Ah kammatala, seridi oh Ah iasada koaros ong ia. Met I alehier Ih ahi Soaunkoamoaur. I kaping kalahngan ong komwi pwehki mahk pen dipai kan, kisakis en koamoaur oh moaur soautuk pwehki oamwi mahk oh kalahngan. Amen,”

Kamehlele en Koht Ah mahsan oh ale sapwenlime koamoaur ki pwoson. Kamehlele, oh kowe pahn koamoaurala. Sohte mwomwohdiso, de pwihn, oh sohte doadoahk me kak koamoauruhkala. Tamataman, Koht kelehpw me kan koamoaur. E wia koaros!

Sapwenlimen Koht plahn en koamoaur me mengei, iet: Kowe me dipan emen. Ari ma ke sohte kamehlele me Jesus me weliandi koawe mehla, ke pahn kohla nan Hell soautuk. Ma ke pahn kamehlele me Ih me kalohpuehla, seridi, oh Soundor me iasadahr, kowe pahn ale mahk pen dipomw akan koaros oh sapwenlime kisakis en moaur soutuk ki pwoson.

Ke inda, “Ni mehlel e sohte pahn kak en songen mengei wet.” Ehi, me mengei! E sang nan mahsan en kisin likou. Iei en Koht plan.Koampoak pai, pwoson Jesus oh ale Ih ahmw Soundor rahn wet.

Ma sapwenlime plahn sohte wehwe mwahu, pwurehng oh pil pwurehng wadek doaroapwe wet. Dehr kihdi lau ke wehwehkihla audepe. Ngenomw me kesemwpwal sang sampah pwon.

“Pwe dahme pahn katepe oang aramas en anekihla sampah pwon ahpw kesehla moure?” (Mark 8:36).

Tehkada mwahu ma ke koamoauralahr. Ma ke luhs sang ngeomw, ke sohte pahn lel nanleng ah ke pahn luhs sang soahng koaros. Menlau! Mweidohng Koht en koamoaur uhkala ansou wet.

Manaman en Koht pahn koamoaur uhkala, nekinekid ahmw koamoaur, oh pahn sewese iuk en ahneki kalwehdi en moaur en Souleng. “Sohte songosong ehu lel ohng komwail, ihte, me aramas itar ong, pwe Koht me mehlel, me sohte kin mweidong komwail songosong ehu, me komwail sohte itar ong. A ni songosong a pahn ketin kaimwisekala, duwen me pahn kak pahmwail” (I Corinthians 10:13).

Dehr likih ahmw pepehm akan. Re kin kak wekila. Uhda pohn inau en Koht akan. Re sohte kin kak wekila. Mwurin ahmw koamoaurala, soahng siluh me ke koanehng wia rahn koaros pwe ken kak kekeirda ni ahmw moaur en ngehn:

Kapakap --- ke koasoai ong Koht.

Wadek noamw Bible---Koht mahsan oang

uhk. Kadehde---ke koasoaia Koht.

Kowe pil konehng baptaisala pwehn kasalehda ahmw peikiong Kaun Jesus Christ. Iei kadehde pen ahmw koamoaur, oh kowe eri iang towehla ehu mwomwohdiso me kamehlele--Bible, sohte pwand. “Kowe en dehr namengki kadehdehn atail Kaun...” (2 Timothy 1:8).

“Mehmen pahn pohnese ie mohn aramas, nahn I me I pahn pohnese mohn Semei, me koatikoat nanleng” (Matthew 10:32).

Ford Porter



Shoku im: Po të drejtoj pyetjen më të rëndësishme të jetës. Gëzimi ose hidhërimi yt për gjithë përjetsinë varet nga përgjigjja jote. Pyetja është: A jeni i shpëtuar? Pyetja nuk është sa i mirë jeni, apo nëse jeni anëtar kishe, por a jeni i shpëtuar? A jeni i sigurt se do të shkoni në Parajsë kur të vdisni?

Zoti thotë se që të shkoni në Parajsë, ju duhet të rilindeni. Tek Gjoni 3:7, Jezusi i tha Nikodemit; “Duhet të lindni përsëri.”

Në Bibël, Zoti na tregon planin se si mund të rilindemi, që do të thotë, të shpëtohemi. Ky plan është i thjeshtë. Ti mund të shpëtohesh sot. Si?

Së pari, shoku im, ti duhet ta kuptosh që je një mëkatar. “Të gjithë mëkatuan dhe u privuan nga lavdia e Perëndisë” (Romakëve 3:23).

Per shkak se je një mëkatar, ti je dënuar me vdekje. “Sepse paga e mëkatit është vdekja” (Romakëve 6:23). Kjo përfshin ndarje të përjetshme nga Zoti në Ferr.

“... është caktuar që njerëzit të vdesin vetëm një herë, dhe më pas vjen gjyqi” (Hebrenjve 9:27).

Por Zoti të deshi ty kaq shume saqë Ai dha birin e tij të vetëm, Jezusin, për të marrë mëkatet e tua dhe të vdiste në vendin tënd. “Ai bëri të jetë mëkat për ne ai (Jezusi) që nuk njihte mëkat, që ne të bëhemi drejtësia e Perëndisë në të” (2 Korintasve 5:21).

Jezusi duhej ta derdhte qjakun e tij dhe të vdiste. “Sepse jeta e mishit është në gjak” (Leviticu 17:11). “ derdhje gjaku nuk ka falje” (Hebrenjve 9:22).

“Por Perëndia e tregon dashurinë e tij ndaj nesh në atë që, kur ende ishim mëkatarë, Krishti vdiq për në” (Romakëve 5:8).

Ndonëse ne nuk mund ta kuptojmë si, Zoti tha se mëkatet e tua dhe mëkatet e mija u vendosën mbi Jezusin dhe Ai vdiq në vendin tonë. Ai u bë zëvendësuesi ynë. Kjo është e vërtetë. Zoti nuk mund të gënjejë

Shoku im, “Perëndia . . . tani urdhëron njerëzit kudo të pendohen” (Veprat e Apostujve 17:30). Ky pendim është një ndryshim i mendjes që bie dakord me Zotin që të gjithe janë mëkatarë dhe bie dakord me atë që Jezusi bëri për ne në kryq.

Në Veprat 16:30-31, rojtari filipian pyeti Palin dhe Silan: “Zotërinj, çfarë duhet të bëj unë për të shpëtuar?” Dhe ata thanë: “Beso në Zotin Jezu Krisht dhe do të shpëtohesh.”

Thjeshtë besoni në të si i vetmi që mori mëkatet e tua, vdiq në vendin tënd u varros dhe të cilin Perëndia e ringjalli

Ringjallja e tij fuqimisht na siguron se besimtari mund të thotë se zotëron jetën e përjetshme kur Jezusi është pranuar si shpëtimtar.

“Por teë gjithë atyre që e pranuan, ai u dha pushtetin të bëhen bij të Perëndisë, atyre që besojnë në emrin e tij” (Gjoni 1:12).

“Kushdo që do të thërrasë emrin e Zotit do të shpëtohët” (Romakëve 10:13).

Kushdo të përfshin edhe ty. Do të shpëtojë do të thotë jo ndoshta, ose mund, por do të shpëtojë.

Sigurisht, ti e kupton që je një mëkatar. Në këtë çast kudo që je, duke u penduar, çoje zemrën para Zotit në lutje.

Tek Luka 18:13 një mëkatar u lut: “Perëndi, ki mëshirë për mua, mëkatarin.”

Lutu thjesht: “Oh Zot, e di që jam një mëkatar. Besoj se Jezusi udiq në kryq në vendin tim. Besoj se derdhja e gjakut të tij, vdekja, varrimi dhe ringjallja e Tij ishin për mua. Tani e pranoj atë si shpëtimtarin tim. Të falenderoj për faljen e mëkateve të mia, për dhuratën e jetës së përjetshme nga hiri yt i mëshirshëm, Amen.”

Pranoje Perëndine sipas fjalës së tij dhe kërkoje shpëtimin e tij me anë të besimit. Beso, dhe do të shpëtohesh. As kisha, as ndonjë organizatë, as veprat e mira nuk mund të të shpëtojnë. Mbani mend se Perëndija sjell shpëtimin. Vetëm Ai!

Plani i thjeshtë i Perëndisë për shpëtim është: ti je një mëkatar. Prandaj, në qoftë se ti nuk beson tek Jezusi i cili vdiq në vendin tënd, ti do ta kalosh përjetësinë në ferr. Në qoftë se beson tek Ai si shpëtimtari yt I kryqëzuar, varrosur dhe i ringjollur, ti do të marrësh faljen e të gjithë mëkateve të tua dhe dhuratën e tij të shpëtimit të përetshëm me anë të besimit.

Ju thoni, “Padyshim nuk mund të jetë kaq e thjeshtë.” Po, kaq e thjeshtë është! Ky është sipas shkrimit të shenjtë plani I Perëndisë. Miku im: Beso tek Jezusi dhe pranoje atë si shpëtimtar sot.

Nëse plant i tij nuk është shumë i qartë, lexoje këtë fletë pa pushim, pa e hequr nga dora derisa ta kuptosh atë. Jeta jote është më e vlefshme se bota.

“Ç’dobi do të ketë njeriu të fitojë gjithë botën, nëse më pas do të humbë frymen e vet?” (Marku 8:36).

Sigurohu që je i shpëtuar. Në qoftë se humbet frymen tënde, humbet Parajsën dhe gjithçka. Të Iutem! Lejoje Perëndinë të të shpëtojë ty neë këtë moment.

Fuqla e Perëndisë do të shpë toje ty, do të të mbajë të shpëtuar dhe do të të bëjë në gjendje ty për të jetuar një jetë fitimtare Kristiane. “Asnjë tundim nuk ju ka gjetur juve, përveç se tundimi njerëzor; por Perëndia është besnik dhe nuk do të lejojë që t’ju tundojnë përtej fuqive tuaja, por me tundimin do t’ju japë rrugëdalje, që ju të mund të përballoni” (1 Korintasve 10:13).

Mos i besoni ndjenjave tuaja. Ato ndryshojnë. Qëndroni në premtimet e Zotit. Ato nuk ndryshojnë asnjëherë. Pasi të shpëtohesh janë tri gjëra për ti praktikuar çdo ditë për rritje shpirtore: Lutu – ti flet me Perëndinë. Lexo Biblën tënde – Perëndia të flet ty. Dëshmo – ti flet për Perëndinë.

Ti duhet të pagëzohesh në bindje ndaj Zotit Jezu Krisht si një dëshmi publike e shpëtimit tënd dhe pastaj të bashkohesh me një kishë që beson Biblën, pa vonesë. “Mos ki turp, pra, të dëshmosh Zotin tonë . . . ” (2 Timoteut 1:8).

“Kushdo që do të më rrëfejë (dëshmon) përpara njerëzve, edhe unë do ta rrëfej përpara Atit tim që është në qiell” (Mateu 10:32).

Rreshta shtesë për ndihmë

Gjoni 3:16, 1 Pjetrir 2:24, Isaia 53:6, Jakobi 1:15, Romakëve 10:9-10, Efesianëve 2:8-9, Fjalët e Urta 27:1, 1 Korintasve 15:3-4, Gjoni 10:27-31, 1 Gjonit 5:13


Mielas mano drauge, noriu užduoti Tau svarbiausią gyvenimo klausimą. Nuo Tavo atsakymo priklausys, kaip praleisi amžinybę – džiaugsme ar sielvarte. O klausimas yra toks: Ar Tu esi išgelbėtas? Neklausiu Tavęs, ar esi geras, ar lankai kokią nors bažnyčią. Klausiu tik - ar esi išgelbėtas? Ar esi tikras, jog po mirties keliausi į dangų?

Dievas sako, jog, norint patekti dangun, žmogus pirmiausiai turi atgimti. Jono 3:7 Jėzus pasakė Nikodemui: “Jums būtina gimti iš naujo”.

Biblijoje atrandame Dievo planą, kaip gimti iš naujo ir būti išgelbėtam. Jo planas nėra sudėtingas! Tu gali būti išgelbėtas dar šiandien. Paklausi - kaip?

Visų pirma, brangus mano bičiuli, turi susivokti, jog esi nusidėjėlis. “Visi žmonės nusidėjo ir stokoja Dievo garbės” (skaityk Laiške Romiečiams 3:23).

Kadangi esi nusidėjėlis, esi pasmerktas mirčiai. “Nes nuodėmės atpildas yra mirtis” (skaityk Laiške Romiečiams 6:23). Dėl nuodėmės Tu pasmerktas būti pragare, amžiams atskirtas nuo Dievo.

“…žmonėms skirta vieną kartą mirti, o po to – teismas” (skaityk Žydams 9:27).

Tačiau Dievas Tave taip stipriai mylėjo, jog atidavė už Tave savo viengimį Sūnų Jėzų, kad Jis prisiimtų Tavo nuodėmes ant savęs ir mirtų vietoj Tavęs: “Nes Tą [Jėzų, kuris nepadarė nė vienos nuodėmės], kuris nepažino nuodėmės, Jis padarė nuodėme dėl mūsų, kad Jame taptume Dievo teisumu” (skaityk 2 Laiške Korintiečiams 5:21).

Jėzus turėjo pralieti savo kraują ir mirti. “Nes kūno gyvybė yra kraujyje” (skaityk Levito arba Kunigų knygoje 17:11). “<…> o be kraujo praliejimo nėra atleidimo” (skaityk Laiške Žydams 9:22).

“O Dievas mums parodė savo meilę tuo, kad Kristus mirė už mus, kol tebebuvome nusidėjėliai” (skaityk Laiške Romiečiams 5:8).

Nors mums sunku suvokti, kaip Dievas tai padarė, tačiau Jis pasakė, jog uždėjo mano ir Tavo nuodėmes ant Jėzaus ir Jis mirė vietoje mūsų. Jis tapo mūsų pakaitalu. Tai tiesa. Dievas negali meluoti.

Paklausyk, “Dievas <…> dabar įsako visur visiems žmonėms atgailauti” (skaityk Apaštalų darbuose 17:30). Atgaila – tai mąstymo keitimas, kai žmogaus mintys sutinka su Dievo mintimis, kai žmogus pripažįsta, jog yra nusidėjęs, ir taip pat pripažįsta ir sutinka su tuo, ką Jėzus dėl jo padarė ant Kryžiaus.

Apaštalų darbuose 16:30-31 skaitome apie kalėjimo prižiūrėtoją, filipietį, kuris klausė Pauliaus ir Silo: “Ką turiu daryti, kad būčiau išgelbėtas?”. O tie jam atsakė: “Tikėk Viešpatį Jėzų Kristų ir būsi išgelbėtas…”

Paprasčiausiai tikėk juo – tikėk, kad Jis paėmė Tavo nuodėmes, kad mirė vietoj Tavęs, buvo palaidotas, o trečią dieną Dievas Jį prikėlė. Jo prisikėlimas – tai galinga garantija, jog Jėzų Kristų išpažinęs savo Gelbėtoju tikintysis turi amžinąjį gyvenimą.

“Visiems, kurie Jį priėmė, Jis davė galią patapti Dievo vaikais, - tiems, kurie tiki Jo vardą” (Jono 1:12).

“Kiekvienas, kuris šaukiasi Viešpaties vardo, bus išgelbėtas” (Romiečiams 10:13).

“Kiekvienas” reiškia ir Tu. “Bus išgelbėtas” reiškia ne “galbūt ir bus”, ne “gali būti”, o tikrai bus išgelbėtas.

Jei suvoki, kad esi nusidėjėlis, nesvarbu, kur dabar bebūtum, atgailauk, nukreipk savo širdį į Dievą maldoje.

Luko 18sk. 13eil. minimas nusidėjėlis meldėsi, sakydamas: “Viešaptie, pasigailėk manęs nusidėjėlio”. Ir Tu melskis panašiai. Sakyk: “Dieve, žinau, kad esu nusidėjęs.

Tikiu, jog Jėzus mirė ant kryžiaus už mane. Tikiu, jog Jo pralietas kraujas, Jo mirtis, kapas ir Jo prisikėlimas buvo dėl manęs ir man. Tiesiog dabar priimu Jį kaip savo Gelbėtoją. Dėkoju, kad atleidi man mano nuodėmes. Dėkoju už išgelbėjimo ir amžinojo gyvenimo dovaną. Žinau, jog tai ateina iš Tavo didelio gailestingumo ir malonės. Amen.”

Tiesiog pasitikėk Dievo žodžiais ir žinok bei skelbk, jog esi išgelbėtas tikėjimu. Tikėk savo išgelbėjimu. Tavęs išgelbėti negali jokia bažnyčia, jokia ložė. Netgi geri darbai negali to padaryti. Atmink, gelbsti tik Dievas. Jis tai atlieka nuo pradžios iki pabaigos.

Dievo išgelbėjimo planas yra paprastas: Tu esi nusidėjėlis, todėl, netikėdamas, jog Jėzus mirė vietoj Tavęs ir už Tave, amžinybę praleisi pragare. Tikėdamas Juo kaip savo nukryžiuotu, palaidotu ir prisikėlusiu Gelbėtoju, Tu gauni ne tik nuodėmių atleidimą, bet ir amžinojo gyvenimo dovaną per tikėjimą.

Tu gali sakyti: “Tai negali būti taip paprasta”. Gali, ir dar kaip. Taip sako Šv. Raštas. Toks yra Dievo sumanymas. Bičiuli mano mielas, verčiau jau patikėk ir priimk Jėzų kaip savo Gelbėtoją dar šiandien.

Jei Tau iš pirmo karto sunku tai suprasti, nenuleisk rankų. Skaityk šį bukletą tol, kol suprasi. Tavo siela brangesnė už visą pasaulį.

“Kokia gi žmogui nauda, jei jis laimėtų visą pasaulį, o pakenktų savo sielai?” (Morkaus 8:36).

Būk užtikrintas savo išgelbėjimu. Prarasdamas savo sielą, prarasi dangų, prarasi viską.

Prašau, leisk Dievui išgelbėti Tave tiesiog šią akimirką.

Dievo jėga iš tiesų išgelbės Tave, palaikys tavo išgelbėjimą, įgalins Tave gyventi pergalingą krikščionišką gyvenimą. “Jums tekęs pagundymas tėra tik žmogiškas. Bet Dievas ištikimas. Jis neleis jūsų gundyti daugiau nei jūsų jėgos leidžia, bet kartu su pagundymu duos ir išeitį, kad sugebėtumėte jį atlaikyti” (1 Korintiečiams 10:13).

Nepasikliauk savo jausmais. Jie nuolatos kaitaliojasi. Laikykis Dievo pažadų. Jie niekada nesikeičia. Išsigelbėjus dvasinio augimo palaikymui būtini trys dalykai, kuriuos derėtų praktikuoti kasdien. Tai

Malda – kalbėkis su Deivu;

Biblijos skaitymas – Dievas prabils Tau per savo Žodį;

Liudijimas – pasakok apie Dievą kitiems.

Paklūstant Viešpaties Jėzaus Kristaus nurodymui, Tau derėtų pasikrikštyti. Krikštas – tai viešas Tavo liudijimas ir išgelbėjimo ženklas. Nedelsdamas susirask bažnyčią, kurioje pamokslaujama iš Biblijos ir ja tikima, ir lankyk ją. “Nesigėdink mūsų viešpaties liudijimo…” (2 Timotiejui 1:8).

“Kas išpažins mane žmonių akivaizdoje, ir Aš jį išpažinsiu savo dangiškojo Tėvo akivaizdoje” (Morkaus 10:32).


Mój przyjacielu: Pragnę zadać Ci najważniejsze pytanie życia. Twoje wieczne szczęście lub wieczne nieszczęście zależą od tego, jak na nie odpowiesz. Oto to pytanie: Czy jesteś zbawiony? Nie pytam Cię, jak dobry jesteś, ani czy uczęszczasz do kościoła, ale: czy jesteś zbawiony? Czy jesteś pewien, że pójdziesz do Nieba, kiedy umrzesz?

Bóg mówi, że aby pójść do Nieba, musisz się narodzić na nowo. W Ewangelii Jana 3:7 - Pan Jezus powiedział do Nikodema: "Musicie się na nowo narodzić."

W Biblii Bóg podaje nam jedyny plan zbawienia. Jest to prosty plan - Ty możesz DZIŚ być zbawionym (uratowanym od należnej Ci kary piekła wiecznego)!

Najpierw, Przyjacielu, musisz uświadomić sobie, że JESTEŚ GRZESZNIKIEM. "Gdyż wszyscy zgrzeszyli i brak im chwały Bożej" (Rzymian 3:23).

Ponieważ jesteś grzesznikiem, jesteś skazany na wieczną śmierć. "Zapłatą za grzech jest śmierć" (Rzymian 6:23). Oznacza to wieczne oddzielenie od Boga w piekle.

"... postanowione jest ludziom raz umrzeć, a potem sąd" (Hebrajczyków 9:27)

Ale Bóg ukochał Cię tak bardzo, że posłał Swego Jednorodzonego Syna, Jezusa, aby Ten wziął na Siebie Twoje grzechy i umarł na Twoim miejscu."On Tego, który grzechu nie znał, za nas grzechem uczynił, abyśmy w nim stali się sprawiedliwością Bożą" (2 Koryntian 5:21)

Jezus musiał przelać Swą krew i umrzeć. "Gdyż życie ciała jest we krwi" (3 Mojżeszowa 17:11)

"... bez rozlania krwi nie ma odpuszczenia." (Hebrajczyków 9:22)

"... Bóg dał dowód Swej miłości ku nam przez to, że gdy byliśmy jeszcze grzesznikami, Chrystus za nas umarł" (Rzymian 5:8)

Bóg powiedział, że moje grzechy i Twoje grzechy zostały włożone na Jezusa (choć nie jesteśmy w stanie pojąć, jak), i On umarł za nas. On nas Zastąpił. I to jest prawda, Bóg nie może kłamać.

Przyjacielu, "Bóg wzywa wszędzie wszystkich ludzi, aby pokutowali" (Dzieje Apostolskie 17:30). Owa pokuta (upamiętanie), to zmiana myślenia, polegająca na zgodzeniu się z Bogiem, że jest się grzesznikiem, a także na uznaniu tego, co Pan Jezus uczynił na krzyżu. Pokuta zawiera także zrozumienie tego, że grzech jest Twoim wrogiem, a Jezus Przyjacielem.

W Dziejach Apostolskich 16:30-31, strażnik więzienny z Filippi spytał Pawła i Sylasa: �Panowie, co mam czynić, abym był zbawiony?" A oni powiedzieli: "Wierz w Pana Jezusa Chrystusa, a będziesz zbawiony ..."

Po prostu uwierz w Niego jako Tego, który wziął Twoje grzechy, umarł na Twoim miejscu, został pogrzebany i kogo Bóg wzbudził z martwych. Jego zmartwychwstanie mocno utwierdza w przekonaniu, że wierzący człowiek, który przyjął Chrystusa Jezusa jako swego Pana i Zbawiciela, może być pewien życia wiecznego.

�Tym zaś, którzy Go przyjęli, dał prawo stać się dziećmi Bożymi, tym, którzy wierzą w imię Jego" (Jan 1:12)

�Każdy bowiem, kto wzywa imienia Pańskiego, zbawiony będzie� (Rzymian 10:13)

Każdy może oznaczać także Ciebie. Będzie zbawiony nie oznacza, że być może, nie, że jest w stanie, ale że będzie zbawiony.

Jeżeli zdajesz sobie sprawę z tego, że jesteś grzesznikiem, który przekroczył święte Boże wymagania, właśnie teraz, gdziekolwiek jesteś, pokutując wznieś swoje serce do Boga w modlitwie!

W Ewangelii Łukasza 18:13 - grzesznik modlił się: "Boże, bądź miłościw mnie grzesznemu". Po prostu pomódl się: "Boże, wiem, że jestem grzesznikiem. Wierzę, że Jezus był moim Zastępcą gdy umarł na krzyżu. Wierzę, że przelał On Swoją krew, umarł, został pogrzebany i zmartwychwstał za mnie. Teraz przyjmuję Go jako mojego Zbawiciela. Dziękuję Ci za przebaczenie moich grzechów, dar zbawienia i wieczne życie, które dostępne są dla mnie z powodu Twojej miłosiernej łaski. Amen"

Po prostu chwyć Boga za Jego Słowo i przyjmij wiarą Jego ratunek (zbawienie). Uwierz, a będziesz zbawiony. Żaden kościół, żadna organizacja, żadne dobre uczynki nie są w stanie Cię zbawić. Pamiętaj, to Bóg dokonuje zbawienia. W całości!

Prosty Boży plan zbawienia: Jesteś zasługującym tylko na gniew Boży grzesznikiem. Dlatego, o ile nie uwierzysz w Jezusa, Który umarł za Ciebie, będziesz spędzał wieczność w piekle. Wtedy byłoby Ci lepiej gdybyś się nigdy nie urodził. Jeśli uwierzysz w Niego jako ukrzyżowanego, pogrzebanego i wzbudzonego z martwych Zbawiciela, otrzymasz przebaczenie wszystkich Twoich grzechów i Jego dar wiecznego ratunku (zbawienia) dostępnego tylko przez wiarę.

Być może powiesz: "Na pewno to nie jest takie proste". A jednak jest! To jest biblijne. To jest Boży plan. Przyjacielu, uwierz w Pana Jezusa i przyjmij Go jako Zbawiciela jeszcze dzisiaj!

Jeśli Jego plan nie wydaje Ci się jeszcze wystarczająco jasny, czytaj ten artykuł jeszcze raz i jeszcze raz i jeszcze raz ... nie odkładając go dopóki go zrozumiesz. Twoja dusza jest warta więcej od całego świata!

"Albowiem cóż pomoże człowiekowi, choćby cały świat pozyskał, a na duszy swej szkodę poniósł?" (Marka 8:36)

Nie spocznij dopóki nie będziesz pewien swego zbawienia. Jeśli utracisz swoją duszę, stracisz Niebo i wszystko utracisz. Proszę! Pozwól Bogu uratować (zbawić) Cię właśnie teraz!

Jeśli uwierzysz Panu Jezusowi, to Boża moc zbawi Cię na wieki i umożliwi ci prowadzenie zwycięskiego chrześcijańskiego życia. "Dotąd nie przyszło na was pokuszenie, które by przekraczało siły ludzkie; lecz Bóg jest wierny i nie dopuści, abyście byli kuszeni ponad siły wasze, ale z pokuszeniem da i wyjście, abyście mogli je znaleźć" (1 Koryntian 10:13)

Nie ufaj własnym uczuciom, one są zmienne. Trzymaj się Bożych obietnic - one nigdy się nie zmieniają. Od momentu kiedy przyjmiesz dar zbawienia, powinieneś codziennie robić trzy rzeczy, aby wzrastać duchowo: modlić się - wtedy rozmawiasz z Bogiem, czytać Świętą Biblię - wtedy Bóg mówi do Ciebie, mówić wszystkim ludziom o tym planie zbawienia - wtedy mówisz dla Boga. Pamiętaj o tym, że tylko Biblia jest prawdą, wszystko inne ma niewielką wartość.

Będąc posłusznym Panu Jezusowi Chrystusowi, powinieneś zostać ochrzczonym, publicznie zaświadczając w ten sposób o swoim zbawieniu, a potem bez zwłoki przyłączyć się do biblijnie wierzącego zgromadzenia (kościoła). "Nie wstydź się więc świadectwa o Panu naszym ..." (2 Tymoteusza 1:8)

"Każdego więc, który mię wyzna [zaświadczy o mnie] przed ludźmi, i Ja wyznam przed Ojcem Moim, który jest w niebie" (Mateusz 10:32)


To Aπλο Σχεδιο Του θεου Гια Τη Σωτηρια Σου

Φίλε Μου, θέλω να σου θέσω το σπουδαιότε­ρο ερώτημα της ζωής: Η χαρά ή η θλίψη σου για όλη την αιωνιότητα εξαρτάται από την απάντηση που θα δώσεις σ' αυτό το κρίσιμο ερώτημα. Το ερώτημα είναι: Έχεις σωθεί; Δε σε ρωτώ πόσο καλός είσαι ή αν εκκλησιάζεσαι τακτικά, αλλά αν έχεις σωθεί. Είσαι σίγουρος ότι θα πας στον ου­ρανό μετά το θάνατο σου;

Ο θεός λέει ότι για να είσαι κατάλληλος για τον ουρανό πρέπει να ξαναγεννηθείς. Στο Ευαγγέλιο του Ιωάννη 3: 7, ο Ιησούς λέει στο Νικόδημο: «Πρέπει να γεννηθείτε ξανά».

Μέσα στην Αγία Γραφή, ο θεός μας αποκαλύ­πτει τον μοναδικό τρόπο με τον οποίο μπορείς να αναγεννηθείς, δηλαδή τον τρόπο της σωτηρίας. Το σχέδιο αυτό είναι πολύ απλό! Μπορείς να σω­θείς σήμερα! Με ποιον τρόπο;

Πρώτον, αγαπητέ μου φίλε, πρέπει να αναγνω­ρίσεις ότι είσαι αμαρτωλός. «Γιατί όλοι αμάρτη­σαν και βρίσκονται μακριά από τη δόξα του θε­ού» (Ρωμ. 3: 23).

Επειδή, λοιπόν, είσαι αμαρτωλός, είσαι καταδι­κασμένος σε θάνατο. «Γιατί πράγματι, ο μισθός της αμαρτίας είναι θάνατος» (Ρωμ. 6: 23). Αυτό σημαίνει αιώνιο αποχωρισμό από το θεό και επο­μένως αιώνια κόλαση.

«... είναι καθορισμένο για τους ανθρώπους μια φορά να πεθάνουν και μετά να κριθούν» (Εβρ. 9: 27).

Αλλά ο θεός σε αγάπησε τόσο πολύ, ώστε έδωσε το Γιο Του το Μονογενή, τον Ιησού, για να πεθάνει Αυτός στη θέση σου πάνω στο σταυρό, και να αφαιρέσει την αμαρτία σου. «Αφού γι'αυ­τό ακριβώς, εκείνον που δε γνώρισε αμαρτία, τον έκανε αμαρτία για χάρη μας, με σκοπό να γί­νουμε εμείς καρπός της δικαιοσύνης του θεού χάρη σ'Αυτόν» (Β' Κορ. 5:21).

Ήταν ανάγκη ο Ιησούς να θανατωθεί και να χύσει το αίμα Του. «Γιατί, η ζωή της σάρκας εί­ναι στο αίμα» (Λευίτ. 17: 11) και «. . .Χωρίς να χυθεί αίμα δε γίνεται συγχώρηση αμαρτιών» (Εβρ. 9: 22). «Ο θεός όμως εκδηλώνει το είδος της δικής του αγάπης σ' εμάς, γιατί, ενώ ακόμα εμείς είμασταν αμαρτωλοί, ο Χριστός πέθανε για μας» (Ρωμ. 5: 8).

Παρόλο που δεν μπορούμε να το καταλάβου­με, ο θεός λέει ότι οι δικές μου και οι δικές σου αμαρτίες έχουν φορτωθεί πάνω στον Ιησού και ότι Αυτός πέθανε στη θέση μας. Εγινε, δηλαδή, ο αντικαταστάτης μας. Είναι αλήθεια. Ο θεός δεν ψεύδεται.

Φίλε, «Ο θεός . . . παραγγέλλει τώρα σε όλους τους ανθρώπους, παντού,,να μετανοή­σουν» (Πράξ. 17: 30).

Μετάνοια σημαίνει αναγνώριση της αμαρτω-λότητας και αλλαγή σκέψεων και πορείας στη ζωή, έτσι που να ζει πια κανείς σύμφωνα με το θέλημα του θεού. Αυτό βρίσκεται επίσης σε πλή­ρη συμφωνία με το έργο που έχει επιτελέσει ο Χριστός για μας πάνω στο σταυρό.

Ο δεσμοφύλακας των Φιλίππων ρώτησε τον απόστολο Παύλο και το Σίλα: «Κύριοι, τί πρέπει να κάνω για να σωθώ; Κι εκείνοι απάντησαν: Πίστεψε στον Κύριο Ιησού Χριστό και θα σω­θείς.. .» (Πράξ. 16:30, 31).

Απλά, πίστεψε στο Χριστό, αποδέξου ότι Αυτός πλήρωσε την ποινή της δικής σου αμαρ­τίας, πεθαίνοντας πάνω στο σταυρό, και ότι ο θεός Τον ανέστησε για τη δικαίωση σου, και θα σωθείς.

Η ανάσταση Του αποδεικνύει δυναμικά ότι ο πιστός αποκτά αιώνια ζωή όταν Τον δέχεται ως Σωτήρα του.

«Σε όσους όμως τον δέχτηκαν, σ' αυτούς έδωσε το προνόμιο να γίνουν παιδιά του θεού, σ' εκείνους δηλαδή, που πιστεύουν στ' όνομα του» (Ιωάν. 1: 12).

«Γιατί πράγματι, όποιος επικαλεστεί το όνομα του Κυρίου θα σωθεί» (Ρωμ. 10: 13).

Η λέξη «όποιος» περιλαμβάνει κι εσένα, «θα σωθεί», δε σημαίνει «ίσως», ούτε «μπορεί», αλ­λά «σίγουρα θα σωθεί».

Τώρα, αυτή τη στιγμή, όπου κι αν βρίσκεσαι, ανασήκωσε με μετάνοια και πίστη την καρδιά σου στο θεό και πες Του την προσευχή που είπε και ο Τελώνης: «θεέ μου, ελέησε με τον αμαρ­τωλό» (Λουκ. 18: 13). Πες τούτη την προσευχή στον Κύριο: «θεέ μου, ξέρω πως είμαι αμαρτω­λός. Πιστεύω ότι ο Χριστός πλήρωσε πάνω στο σταυρό ως αντικαταστάτης μου την ποινή που μου άρμοζε για την αμαρτία μου. Πιστεύω ότι ο θάνατος Του, η ταφή Του και η ανάσταση Του έγιναν για μένα. Τον δέχομαι τώρα ως Σωτήρα μου. Σ' ευχαριστώ για τη συγχώρηση των αμαρ­τιών μου, για το δώρο της σωτηρίας και της αιώ­νιας ζωής, που οφείλονται στη μεγάλη λυτρωτι­κή Σου χάρη. Σ' ευχαριστώ Κύριε. Στο όνομα του Ιησού Χριστού. Αμήν».

Απλά, εμπιστεύσου στο Λόγο του θεού και δέξου με πίστη τη σωτηρία που Αυτός σου προ­σφέρει λέγοντας σου: «Πίστεψε και θα σωθείς». Καμιά εκκλησία, καμιά καλή πράξη, κανένας άν­θρωπος δεν μπορεί να σε σώσει. Ο θεός είναι που σου δίνει τη σωτηρία. Ολόκληρη!

Το απλό σχέδιο του θεού για τη σωτηρία σου είναι: Είσαι αμαρτωλός. Γι' αυτό, εκτός και πι­στέψεις στο Χριστό που πέθανε στη θέση σου, θα πας αιώνια στην κόλαση. Αν όμως πιστέψεις σ' Αυτόν ως Σωτήρα σου που σταυρώθηκε, πέθα­νε, τάφηκε και αναστήθηκε για σένα, τότε οι αμαρτίες σου συγχωρούνται όλες και σου παρέ­χεται δια της πίστεως η δωρεά του θεού, που εί­ναι ζωή αιώνια.

Μπορεί να σκέφτεσαι ότι δεν μπορεί να είναι τόσο απλά τα πράγματα. Κι όμως είναι τόσο απλά. Το βεβαιώνει ο αδιάψευστος Λόγος του θεού. Φίλε, πίστεψε στο Χριστό και δέξου Τον ως Σωτήρα σου σήμερα. Τώρα!

Αν αυτό το σχέδιο της σωτηρίας δεν σου έγι­νε απόλυτα καθαρό, διάβασε αυτό το φυλλάδιο ξανά και ξανά, χωρίς να το αφήσεις κάτω, μέχρι που να καταλάβεις το μήνυμα του. Η ψυχή σου αξίζει περισσότερο από τον κόσμο ολόκληρο.

«Άλλωστε, τι θα ωφελήσει τον άνθρωπο αν κερδίσει τον κόσμο ολόκληρο, αλλά χάσει τη ζωή του;» (Μάρκ. 8: 36).

Βεβαιώσου ότι έχεις σωθεί. Αν χάσεις την ψυ­χή σου, χάνεις την αιώνια ζωή του ουρανού, χά­νεις δηλαδή το παν. Άφησε το θεό να σε σώσει τούτη τη στιγμή.

Η δύναμη του θεού θα σε σώσει, θα σε διατη­ρήσει σεσωσμένο και θα σε ικανώσει να ζήσεις μια νικηφόρα χριστιανική ζωή.

Ο Λόγος του θεού βεβαιώνει: «Δεν έχετε υποβληθεί σε πειρασμό πέρα από τους συνηθι­σμένους για τον άνθρωπο. Και είναι άξιος εμπι­στοσύνης ο θεός, ο οποίος δε θα επιτρέψει να δοκιμαστείτε περισσότερο απ' ό,τι μπορείτε να αντέξετε, αλλά μαζί με τη δοκιμασία θα σας εξασφαλίσει και τον τρόπο να μπορέσετε να αντέξετε» (Α'Κορ. 10: 13).

Μην βασίζεσαι στα αισθήματα σου. Αυτά αλ­λάζουν. Στηρίξου στις υποσχέσεις του θεού. Αυτές δεν αλλάζουν ποτέ. Μετά που σωθείς, υπάρχουν τρία πράγματα που πρέπει να ασκείς καθημερινά για την πνευματική σου αύξηση: Να προσεύχεσαι - έτσι μιλάς εσύ στο θεό. Να μελε­τάς το Λόγο του θεού - έτσι μιλάει ο θεός σε σέ­να. Να δίνεις τη μαρτυρία σου στους άλλους -έτοι μιλάς στους άλλους για το θεό.

«Έτσι, λοιπόν, όποιος με ομολογήσει μπρο­στά στους ανθρώπους, θα τον ομολογήσω κι εγώ μπροστά στον Πατέρα μου τον ουράνιο» (Μστθ. 10: 32).

—Μετάφραση: Συμεών Ιωαννίδη



Min venn, jeg stiller deg livets viktigste spørsmål. Din glede eller sorg for all evighet avhenger av ditt svar. Spørsmålet er: Er du frelst? Det er ikke et spørsmål om hvor god du er, heller ikke om du er medlem av en Kirke, men er du frelst? Er du sikker på at du vil komme til Himmelen når du dør?

Gud sier at for å komme til Himmelen, må du bli født på ny. Jesus sa til Nikodemus : "Dere må fødes påny." (Joh. 3:7).

I Bibelen gir Gud oss sin plan om hvordan en kan bli født på ny som betyr å bli frelst. Hans plan er enkel! Du kan bli frelst i dag. Hvordan?

For det første min venn, må du erkjenne at du er en synder. "For alle har syndet og har ingen del i Guds herlighet." (Rom. 3:22,23).

Fordi du er en synder, er du dømt til å dø. "Syndens lønn er døden." (Rom. 6:23). Dette inkluderer evig adskillelse fra Gud i Helvete.

"... det er menneskenes lodd å dø én gang og siden komme for dommen." (Hebr. 9:27).

Men Gud elsket deg så høyt at Han ga sin enbårne Sønn, Jesus Kristus, for å bære dine synder og dø i ditt sted. "Ham (Jesus) som ikke visste av synd, har Han gjort til synd for oss, for at vi i Ham skulle få Guds rettferdighet." (2. Kor. 5:21).

Jesus måtte utgyte Sitt blod og dø. "For en skapnings liv er i blodet." (3. Mos. 17:11). "... synd blir ikke tilgitt uten at blod blir utøst." (Hebr. 9:22).

"Men Gud viser Sin kjærlighet til oss ved at Kristus døde for oss da vi ennå var syndere."(Rom. 5:8).

Selv om vi ikke kan forstå hvordan, sier Gud at mine synder og dine synder ble lagt på Jesus og Han døde i vårt sted. Han ble vår stedfortreder. Det er sant. Gud kan ikke Iyve.

Min venn "Gud .... befaler nå alle mennesker hvor de enn er, at de må vende om." (Apg. 17:30). Denne omvendelsen er en forandring av sinnet som sier seg enig med Gud at man er en synder, og som også retter seg etter det som Jesus gjorde for oss på korset.

Fangevokteren i Filippi spurte Paulus og Silas: Hva skal jeg gjøre for å bli frelst? "De sa da: "Tro på Herren Jesus, så skal du og dine bli frelst." (Ap.gj. 16:31).

Bare tro på Ham som den som bar dine synder, døde i ditt sted, ble begravet, og som Gud oppreiste. Hans oppstandelse forsikrer oss på det sterkeste om at den troende kan påberope seg evig liv når Jesus er mottatt som Frelser. "Alle som tok imot Ham, dem gav Han rett til å bli Guds barn -- de som tror på Hans navn." (Joh. 1:12)

"Hver den som påkaller Herrens navn skal bli frelst." (Rom. 10:13).

"Hver den som ..." inkluderer deg. " ... Skal bli frelst ..." betyr ikke kanskje, eller kan, men "skal bli frelst."

Du erkjenner virkelig at du er en synder. Hvor du enn er akkurat nå, i ferd med å omvende deg, løft ditt hjerte til Gud i bønn.

I Lukas 18:13, var det en synder som ba: "Gud, vær meg synder nådig." Bare be:

"Å Gud, jeg vet at jeg er en synder. Jeg tror at Jesus var min stedfortreder da Han døde på Korset. Jeg tror at Hans utgytte blod, død, begravelse, og oppstandelse var for meg Jeg mottar Ham nå som min frelser. Jeg takker Deg for at du tilgir meg mine synder, for frelsens gave og evig liv på grunn av din barmhjertige nåde. Amen"

Bare ta Gud på Hans Ord og mottta frelsen i tro. Tro, og du vil bli frelst. Ingen kirke, ingen forening, ingen gode gjerninger kan frelse deg. Husk, det er Gud som gjør frelsesverket. Alt sammen!

Guds enkle frelsesplan er: Du er en synder. Derfor, uten at du tror på Jesus som døde i ditt sted, vil du tilbringe evigheten i Helvete. Dersom du tror på Ham som din korsfestede, begravede, og oppstandne Frelser, mottar du tilgivelse for alle dine synder og Hans evige frelsesgave i tro.

Du sier: "Sannelig, det kan vel ikke være så enkelt?." Jo, det er enkelt! Det er etter Skriften. Det er Guds plan. Min venn, tro på Jesus og motta Ham som Frelser idag.

Hvis Hans plan ikke er fullstendig klar for deg, så les denne traktaten om og om igjen uten å legge den ned til du forstår den. Din sjel er mere verd enn hele verden.

"For hva gagner det et menneske om det vinner hele verden, men taper sin sjel?" (Mark. 8:36).

Vær sikker på at du er frelst. Dersom du mister din sjel, går du glipp av Himmelen og taper alt. Vær så snill! La Gud frelse deg i dette øyeblikk.

Guds kraft vil frelse deg, bevare deg, og gjøre deg istand til å leve et seirende kristenliv. "Dere har ikke møtt noen overmenneskelig fristelse. Og Gud er trofast, Han vil ikke la dere bli fristet over evne, men gjøre både fristelsen og utgangen på den slik at dere kan klare det." (1. Kor. 10:13).

Stol ikke på dine følelser. De skifter. Stå på Guds løfter. De er uforanderlige. Etter at du er frelst er det tre ting du daglig må praktisere for åndelig vekst. Bønn - du taler til Gud. Bibellesning - Gud taler til deg. Vitnesbyrdet - du taler for Gud.

Du må bli døpt i lydighet til Herren Jesus Kristus som et offentlig vitnesbyrd om din frelse, og bli en del av en Bibeltroende Kirke uten å utsette det. "Skam deg ikke over vitnesbyrdet om vår Herre! ..." (2. Tim. 1:8).

"Den som bekjenner [vitner om ] meg for menneskene, ham skal også jeg kjennes ved for min Far i Himmelen." (Mat. 10:32).


Дорогий мій друже! Дозволь поставити тобі таке питання, яке перевищує всі цінності твого життя. Від правильної розв'язки цього питання залежить твій стан у вічності: чи буде він щасливий чи сумний?

Говорячи коротко, питання зводиться до того: "Чи спасенний ти?"

Зрозумій це питання! Бо справа не в тім, що ти, може, є членом якоїсь церкви. Це річ зовнішнього порядку. Але сутність питання полягає в тім: Чи спасена твоя душа?

Також справа не в тім, який ти доброчинець і які ти маєш чесноти, а найголовніще є те, чи ти маєш спасіння душі? Бо Господь не може посилати Своє благословіння неспасеним і неспасена людина не може увійти в Царство небесне.

Ось Никодим був доброю людиною, однак Ісус сказав йому: "Вам потрібно родитись згори" (Ів. 3:7). Це є єдиний шлях, який людина може осягнути спасіння для своєї душі. Ця дорога дуже проста, і ти, любий друже, коли станеш на неї, то можеш бути спасеним ще того самого дня, в який будеш читати оці слова.

Передусім, ти мусиш зрозуміти, що ти є грішником, бо "нема праведного ані одного" (Рим. 3:10), "...бо різниці немає, бо всі згрішили й позбавлені Божої слави" (Рим. 3:22, 23). Отже, коли ти ясно і свідомо цього не зрозумієш, що ти грішник, і не жахнешся перед тим, що ти, як грішник, осуджений на смерть, "бо заплата за гріх смерть" (Рим. 6:23), і "гріх народжує смерть" (Як. 1:15), то й не спасешся.

Смерть же, про яку йде мова і яка є наслідком гріха, є не лише фізична смерть, а вічна розлука з Богом і вічне запроторення душі в пекло, цебто в "озеро огняне" (Об. 21:8).

Одна тільки думка про це овіває жахом, однак це незаперечна правда.

Бог, все-таки, в Своєму милосерді не хоче твоєї погибелі. Він любить тебе, грішника, і прагне твого спасіння. Прагнення Бога спасти тебе таке велике, що Він віддав у жертву Сина Свого Однородженого, щоб звільнити тебе від гріха й від вічного осуду.

Син Божий, по волі Отця, але також і добровільно, взяв на Себе гріхи твої й кару за них. "Бо Того, Хто не відав гріха, Він учинив за нас гріхом, щоб стали ми Божою правдою в Нім" (2 Кор. 5:21). "Він у тілі Своїм Сам підніс гріхи наші на дерево, щоб ми вмерли були для гріхів та для праведности жили: Його раною ви оздоровилися" (1 Петра 2:24). Таким чином ,Спаситель зайняв твоє місце осудження, щоб тобі дарувати звільнення від гріха та радість спасіння.

Правда, ми не можемо цілком ясно збагнути, як то гріхи всього людства могли бути положені на Христа, але ми повинні Богові вірити на Слово, Який свідчить, що так, власне, сталося.

Коли в'язничний сторож у Филипах запитав апостола Павла, що він має робити, щоб спастись, - отримав коротку, просту, але й цілком ясну відповідь: "Віруй в Господа Ісуса, - будеш спасений ти сам та твій дім" (Дії 16:29-31).

Довірся ж Господеві й ти, як дитина; вір, що Він взяв на Себе твій гріх, вмер за тебе і ти будеш спасений. Клич до Нього в молитві, не відкладаючи цього. Він жде тебе. "Кожен, хто покличе Господнє ім'я, буде спасений" (Рим. 10:13).

Розуміється, що ти, як грішник , мусиш бути скромним. Ось як молився свідомий грішник: "Боже, будь милостивий до мене, грішного!" (Лук. 18:13). Коли така свідомість є й у тебе, і ти з болем серця признаєш, що ти дійсно грішник, то на кожному місці, де б ти не був, не міркуй і не вагайся ані хвилини, звернись у молитві від щирого серця до Бога. Зрозумій, що не довга й красномовна молитва потрібна Богові, а навпаки, Йому потрібне серце твоє, що горіло б правдивим прагненням отримати спасіння. Коли б ти від усього серця сказав хоч кілька таких слів: "Боже! Я бідний грішник.

Признаю це й перебуваю в постійній скорботі в наслідок такого стану. Помилуй мене, погибаючого, і спаси мене заради заслуг Ісуса Христа!"

"Кожен, хто покличе Господнє ім'я, буде спасений" (Рим. 10:12).

"Кожен" - це означає, що й ти також. Слова "буде спасений", розвівають усякий сумнів. Не говориться: "може спасеться", а рішучо - "буде спасений!"

Отже, тобі належить смиренно довіритись слову Господньому і з подякою взяти те, що Бог пропонує тобі. Прийми вірою спасіння, як радить Господь. Ніяка церква чи релігійна організація, ніякі твої власні добрі вчинки й заслуги не спасуть тебе. Спасти може тебе тільки один Ісус Христос.

Повторім собі ще раз коротенько сказане: ти грішник. За гріхи твої ти повинен був би вмерти. Але Заступник твій Господь Ісус звільнить тебе від гріха і смерті, якщо ти в каятті з вірою приймеш Його голгофську жертву, принесену за тебе. Може, сумнів огорне тебе й ти скажеш: "Невже ж оце все, що вимагається для мого спасіння?" Так, це, власне, все! Так вчить свята Євангелія.

Дяка Богові, що вже багато хто вступив на таку ось просту дорогу Божого спасіння. І це згідно з св. Писанням. Не відкинь тієї вістки. Сьогодні почни йти вже тією дорогою. Бо написано: "Ось тепер час приємний, ось тепер день спасіння" (2 Кор 6:2). І ще: "Не хвались завтрішнім днем, не знаєш, що той день уродить" (Прит. 27:1).

Якщо ти ще не розумієш, перечитай наведені тексти зо святого Письма по кілька разів, аж поки не збагнеш їх глибокий зміст. Ця брошурка хоч маленька, але, все-таки, не відкинь її, бо ж вона має на меті нагадати тобі про найдорожче в житті - про спасіння твоєї безсмертної душі. Бо "яка користь людині, коли світ цілий здобуде, та душу свою занапастить?" (Лук. 8:36).

Вірь, що ти спасений Христом і дякуй Йому за це. Ти нічого так не потребуєш, як спасіння твоєї душі. Як ти це втратиш - ти втратиш все і на землі й на небі. Не бійся, що ти не встоїш на дорозі спасіння. Христос, Який спасе тебе від гріха й погибелі, збереже тебе на дорозі спасіння.

"Вірний Бог, що не допустить, щоб ви випробувалися більше, ніж можете, але при спробі й полегшення дасть, щоб могли ви знести" (1 Кор. 10:13).

Не прислуховуйся до власних почувань. Вони часто змінюються. Утверджуй себе на Божих обітницях, вони ніколи не зміняються.

Коли вже ти навернешся і з ласки Божої отримаєш спасіння, тримайся щоденно трьох правил, необхідних для духовного зросту. МОЛИСЬ, цебто бесідуй з Богом. ЧИТАЙ Слово Боже, в якому Господь промовлятиме до тебе, і свідкуй людям про Бога. "Кожного, хто Мене визнає перед людьми, того перед небесним Отцем Моїм визнаю й Я" (Мат. 10:32).


Isi Rot Bilong God Bilong Kisim Bek Manmeri Long Pe Bilong Sin

Pren Bilong Mi:Mi laik askim yu long dispela wanpela, nambawan askim, em i winim olgeta arapela askim bilong laip. Amamas bilong yu, o hevi bilong yu oltaim oltaim, bai I stap long bekim bilong yu nau. Askim em I olsem:God i bin kisim bek yu o nogat? Dispela askim i no askim long ol gutpela pasin bilong yu, o sapos yu memba bilong sios, nogat. Askim, em i olsem:God i kisim bek yu pinis o nogat? Yu save tru tru olsem taim yu dai, bai yu go long heven o nogat?

God i tok: sapos yu laik i go long heven, yu mas kamap nupela gen [olsem pikinini]. Long Jon 3:7, Jisas i bin tokim Nikodimas olsem,“ . . . Yu mas kamap nupela gen[olsem pikinini].”

Long Baibel, God i givim yumi rot bilongkamap nupela gen, o, rot bilong kisim bek manmeri. Dispela rot bilong God i isi. God inapkisim bekyu tude. Olsem wanem?

Pren bilong mi, pastaim, yu mas luksave olsem,Yu sinman tru. Long wanem, Baibel I tok olsem,“ . . . olgetamanmerii bin mekim sin naoli kamap sot longmak bilongglori bilong God”(Rom 3:23).

Dispela pasin bilong mekimsin i kotim yu pinis na yu mas i dai. Baibel i tok gen olsem,“ . . . pe bilong sin em i dai . . . ”(Rom 6:23).Dispela dai bai i kisim sinman i go long ples hel (hul paia), na em bai i stap longwe long God inap oltaim oltaim.

Baibel i tok gen olsem,“ . . . God i makim wanpela taim bilong ol man i mas i dai. Na bihain long dispela i gat kot”(Hibru 9:27).

Tasol Papa God i laikim yu tumasna Em I givim dispela, wanpela Pikinini tasol bilong Em, Jisas, bilong karim sin bilong yu na I dai long ples bilong yu(long diwai kros). Tok bilong Em yet i tok,“ . . . dispela Man i no bin save long sin,God i bin mekim Emistap sinman tru bilonghelpimyumi. Olsem na yumi ken kamap stretpela pasin bilong God insait long Kraist”(2 Korin 5:21).

Jisas i bin kapsaitim blut bilong Em na Em i dai. Baibel i tok,“Blut i save givim laip long olgeta man . . . ”(Wok Pris 17:11).

“ . . . Na sapos blut i no kapsait, i no gat rot bilong tekewesin”(Hibru 9:22).

“Tasol God i soim Em i laikim yumi tru olsem, taim yumi stap sinman yet,Kraist i bin i dai bilong kisim bek yumi”(Rom. 5:8).

God i tok olsem Em i bin putim ol sin bilong yu na ol sin bilong mi antap long Jisas na Em (Jisas) i bin dai long ples bilong yu na mi bilong kisim bek yumi. Em i bin kamap sinman tru bilong kisim ples bilong yumi long diwai kros. Dispela em i tru. God i no inap giaman. Dispela samting God i mekim bilong yumi, yumi no inap tru i save long en, tasol i tru Em i mekim.

Pren bilong mi, God“ . . . Em i givim strongpela tok long olgeta man long olgeta hap graun olsem, ol i mas tanim bel”(Aposel 17:30).

Dispela pasin bilong tanim bel em i olsem pasin bilong senisim tingting. Yumi mas I wanbel wantaim God olsem yumi wanwan man em i sinman. Tu, yumi mas wanbel wantaim God olsem Jisas i bin mekim wok antap long diwai kros bilong kisim bek yumi.

Long Aposel 16:30-31, man bilong lukautim kalabus long Filipai i bin askim Pol na Silas,“ . . . Tupela bikpela man, mi mas mekim wanem samtingnabaiGod i kisim bek mi? Na tupela i tok,Yumas bilip long Bikpela Jisas Kraist na bai God i kisim bek yu . . . ”

Bilip tasol long Em olsem man husat i bin kisim sin bilong yu, na i dai long ples bilong yu. Bilip olsem ol i bin planim Em long matmat na God i bin kirapim bek Em.

Dispela kirap bek bilong Jisas long matmat i strongpela mak tru bilong strongim bilip bilong ol manmeri husat i bilip long Em. Na ol i ken save olsem bai ol i kisim laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim, sapos ol i bilip long Em olsem Em wanpela tasol i Man bilong kisim bek ol.

“Tasol olgeta man i kisim Em, Em i givim namba long ol, bai ol i ken kamap ol pikinini man bilong God. Yes long ol man i bilip long nem bilong Em”(Jon 1:12).

Baibel i tok,“Long wanem husat i singaut long nem bilong Bikpela, bai God i kisim bek em”(Rom 10:13).

Dispela hap tok “husat” i karamapim yu, na dispela hap tok, “bai i kisim bek,” em i no tok ‘ating’ o, ‘em inap’, nogat. Dispela hap tok i tok stret olsem God bai i kisim bek yu.

Tru tumas, yu yet i save olsem yu sinman. Nau tasol, long hap yu stap long en, yu ken senisim tingting bilong yu [tanim bel] na litimapim bel bilong yu i go long God long prea.

Long Luk 18:13, dispela sinman i bin prea olsem,“ . . . God,Yumas sori long mi, mi wanpela sinman.”Yu ken prea wankain olsem:

“O, God, mi save olsem mi sinman. Nau mi bilip olsem Jisas i bin kisim ples bilong mi long diwai kros. Mi bilip tu olsem blut bilong Em i bin kapsait bilong mi; na dai, na matmat, na kirap bek bilong Em tu, Em i bin mekim bilong helpim mi. Olsem na nau mi kisim Em olsem Man bilong kisim bek mi. Tenkyu long lusim olgeta sin bilong mi, na givim mi dispela presen, em i laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim, long wanem yu God bilong marimari tru. Amen.”

Nau tasol yu mas bilipim tok bilong God na kisim dispela laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim. Bilip na bai God i kisim bek yu. I nogat wanpela sios, o arapela lain, o ol gutpela wok yu wokim inap kisim bek yu.Tingim, God tasol i save kisim bek man. Em tasol!

Dispela rot bilong God bilong kisim bek manmeri long pe bilong sin i olsem: Yu sinman (meri). Olsem na sapos yu no bilip long Jisas, Husat i bin dai long diwai kros bilong kisim ples bilong yu, bihain long dai bilong yu, bai yu go long hel (hul paia) na stap oltaim oltaim. Tasol sapos yu bilip long Jisas, Em i bin dai, na ol i planim Em, na Husat i bin kirap bek long matmat bilong kisim bek yu, bai God i lusim ol sin bilong yu na bai Em I givim presen nating long yu;Em laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim, long bilip bilong yu tasol.

Ating bai yu tok, “Tru tumas, dispela em I isi tumas.” Yes, em i isi! Na em i tok tru bilong Baibel. Em i we (rot) bilong God bilong kisim bek manmeri.Pren bilong mi, yu mas bilip long Jisas na kisim Em olsem Em wanpela tasol inap long kisim bek yu.

Sapos dispela rot bilong God i no klia tumas, mi laik bai yu ritim gen dispela liklik hap pepa. Yu noken malolo long ritim dispela liklik hap pepa inap long taim dispela toktok I klia long yu. Yu mas save olsem, tewel (soul) bilong yu i dia tumas na em i winim ol arapela samting bilong dispela graun.

Baibel i tok,“ . . . sapos wanpela man I kisim olgeta samting bilong dispela graun na lusim tewel bilong em yet, bai dispela i helpim em olsem wanem?”(Mak 8:36).

Yu mas save tru olsem God i kisim bek yu pinis. Sapos tewel (soul) bilong yu i lus olgeta,bai yu i no inap i go long heven. Olgeta samting yu wok hat long en bai i lus wantaim tu. Mi askim yu long bel bilong mi tru,Larim God i kisim bek yu nau tasol.

Pawa bilong God yet bai i kisim bek yu, na lukautim yu, na mekim yu i stap strongpela Kristen. Long wanem Baibel i tok,

“ . . . I no gat wanpela traim i bin kamap long yupela, na dispela i narakain long ol traim i save kamap longolgeta man. Nogat. Tasol Godistap Man yu inap bilip long Em.NaEm i no larim wanpela traim i kamap long yupela inap long winim strong bilong yupela. Tasol baiEmi wokim rot, baiyupela i kenranawe long dispela traim, bai yupela inap sanap strong longen”(1 Korin 10:13).

Yu noken bilip long laik bilong yu yet, long wanem ol laik bilong man i save senis klostu klostu. Bilip bilong yu i mas sanap long ol promis bilong God. Ol promis bilong God i no save senis. Bihain long taim God I kisim bek yu i gattripela samtingyu mas wokim olgeta de bilong kamap strong long laip bilong yu wantaim God.Beten– yu toktok long God.Ritim Baibelbilong yu – God I toktok long yu.Telimautim Gutnius– yu tokim ol arapela long God.

Bilong soim bilip bilong yu long ol arapela, na soim olsem yu bihainim tok bilong Bikpela Jisas Krais,yu mas kisim baptais. Kwiktaim tru, yu mas go lotu long sios we ol brata na susa i bilip tru na bihainim tok bilong God.“Olsem na yu no ken sem long testimony bilong Bikpela bilong yumi . . . ”(2 Tim. 1:8).

Baibel i tok,“Olsem na wanem man i autimnem bilongMi long ai bilong ol manmeri, bai Mi tu autimnem bilongen long ai bilong Papa bilong Mi i stap long heven.”(Matyu 10:32).

Sampela hap tok long Baibel bilong helpim yu

Jon 3:16, 1 Pita 2:24, Aisaia 53:6, Jems 1:15, Rom 10:9-10, Efesas 2:8-9, Gutpela Sindaun 27:1, 1 Korin 15:3-4, Jon 10:27-30, 1 Jon 5:13,

Sapos yu bin tanim bel long taim yu ritim dispela Gutnius pas, toksave long mipela, bai mipela tu i amamas wantaim yu.