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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's dress code in Christian schools

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He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy [is] he.

After training seven children I have heard them many times complain about rules in school and church.I have heard several times they would complain about their sunday school teacher youth leader and Pastor tell them what to do.I have watched through their body language and their countenance the bitterness it caused which spreads.
When we have rules in a home the buggest problem is the child plays the parents the only way I found works is it does not matter what I say if the father says no he over rules.A child must understand if he does well than things will go well with him.I can get further with telling my child you are not wearing those pants or dress if I take them shopping and tell them lets find something we both like.Its a very hard long job to rear children but God does not make mistakes if he didnt want us as parents he would of done differently like he did with the nine children I carried in the womb and he took to heaven AND GAVE US SEVEN TO TRAIN not the schools or church.Sometimes a woman cant bare children and can be a supplement to others.
If I have to send my children to school and they don`t enforce the rules than they don`1t have rules.I would rather see a few rules enforced than have a whole book of rules that are not enforced.I have heard my child say so many times its ok Mom they don`t enforce it.I have to remind my child on who has the final authority.
The child must know the motive for our rules.God has given the parents the responsibility of training our children any one else is a mere suplement and not a subsitute we live in a society today that believes adults are over children in authority where the truth is parents are not doing their job they try to pass it over to childcares,schools,youth directors churches and others.
We have training courses for everything today except for good parental teaching.If a parent needs advise the parent can ask through council but for someone else to step forward and take the parents place causes rebellion in a child.
A Home or school that has rules and doesn`t handle them properly will destoy the home.
The parents are to do their part at home so the schools will be run properly.
When a child is sent to school and parents think its their job now to train them will cause the child to be a vagabond and a curse in the end.

I love my children that God has entrusted to me what better gift can a Mom ask for.They are all special if I can train them to love God and pass it on to the next generation than I feel like I have accomplished my goal,No greater joy than to know you children walk in truth my son Dan was visited by his Pastor Sunday It was such a joy to see him holding his daughter in church no man can rob me of such joy!