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Friday, August 12, 2011

Daily prayer for your child

Pray for our children
posted 16 hours ago by Diane Price Many times when a person gets saved we help them with the sinners prayer ,so I decided to post a daily prayer to help parents that want to pray daily for their child.

Father in heaven teach me today to be the parent you would have me to be that i will have no greater joy let me not leave my child alone that will cause shame let me praise when needed let me chastise when needed let me correct when needed let me lead when needed.and most of all through your love let me love that my child will see you through me when my child wants to do right in his own eyes let the child surrender his will to yours you promised if i train my child in the way they should go that when they are old they won`t depart for the sakes of our next generation and the sakes of our country let your people not the infidels but your people come to you and pray and seek your face and humble themselves and call upon your name then you promised you would hear and turn this nation around.I ask for the sakes of our counry that you will do a work in my child today that will effect the future of our country that will cause your people to love you and fear you and that the hedge you put around this nation will stay and I ask that you would assign to my child an angel to keep my child safe,and the the Holy Spirit lead in my childs life.In Jesus name as I claim the blood of Jesus I ask you to let my child be free from the possession of the demons.Amen