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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My 2 year old Sunday School lesson Johnny and Patty

Jesus lived in his body
Jesus Mommy Mary lived in her body.
Jesus Daddy Joseph lived in his body

Johnny and Patty live in their body.

Johnny and Patty’s body is their house

A turtle’s body is his house

Jesus body was his house too.

Jesus helped his Daddy and Johnny helped his Daddy

See Daddy Walk Daddy can walk and walk and walk Daddy’s body goes too.

Johnny` is going to Sunday school with his friend.
Come on body lets play said Johnny

See the truck The truck won’t go

The truck will put in some gas

See the truck go.
Go truck go.

Patty ate too much candy

Patty’s body is sick

Patty cant go Patty will take a nap.

Patty is being good to her body
Patty will eat meat, peas, potatoes and desert

Patty likes to drink her milk

Go Patty! Go! Patty feels better.L

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