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Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Name Written Down In Glory

I Went to church last night and my Pastor and his wife were the only ones that attended soulwinning night which means I had no one to go with. I Prayed and let God lead me I hope I never have to go soulwinning again by my self.It is unsafe in the city.I Knew God had me go for a reason.I do not believe anyone should go soulwinning alone but God spoke to my heart some one has to go. A Wonderful 81 year old received Christ. but it was worth Zaffie getting saved
As I mentioned in my last blog I am teaching my two year olds on health this week and Zaffie has her own talk show I Checked it out last night and she was talking about exercise you could tell her exercise profit a little but she`ll tell you different From what I understand she works out twice a week. My friend Beth And now a new friend Zaffie puts me to shame.Its hard to believe I climbed Mt.Washington a few years ago in a skirt.

Maybe a little over a few years ago

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