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Monday, May 30, 2011

Church growth

I watch some churches get smaller and smaller I think for lack of faith if a church takes out pews instead of adding them its like telling God I dont believe the church can grow before I had a child I prepared a nursery for the baby.I don`t understand how churches can`t leave in the pews and decide to pray down Gods power He told us to go bring them in as we sit and do nothing.Gods arm is not shortened our arm has shortened. we rope off half the church to please our self instead of letting people sit where they want who`s church is it? Who is running it?We meet in small rooms for soulwinning nights instead of believing God and using the largest room available the red sea did not get divided until they had faith to step in to the water.we need to make soulwinning night the most exciting night of all.We need to meet all together and praise God for the work He has done after soulwinning night just as people will stay late on Sunday nights after church or show up in large crowds for banquits and prayer breakfast.Someone gets saved that night we need to ring a bell.We all hurry down to the hospital nurserys when a baby is born but yet when a person gets saved from soulwinning night God gets no glory or praise and we wonder why our churches are not growing we need to get excited about Gods church nursery of new souls!
The worse thing that ever happened to me out soulwinning was I did not bring a pen to write down the three souls that got saved on the street I have no way of following them up.I was not prepared I Pulled the fish in but let it get away!

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  1. After i wrote this i could hear God say whats that in your hand? i had a stick i could of used my cell under notes!