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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paul and Barnabus
Two and three year old 5-7 minutes lesson
Paul was very angry. He hated people that loved Jesus
‘I must do something to stop them talking about Jesus,’ Paul said.

So Paul gathered some others to help him. If Paul heard that people were talking about Jesus, he found them and took them off to prison.

Paul heard that people were talking about Jesus in a town called Da mas cus. Paul gathered others to help him and got ready for a long journey. ‘I’ll stop those people talking about Jesus,’ Paul told his helpers.

As Paul walked along the road, he kept thinking about how he would find some people that loved Jesus and put them in jail.. Suddenly, a bright light flashed on him. Paul fell down, blinded by the light. Paul heard a voice saying , ‘Why are you so angry with me, Paul?’

‘Who are you?’ Paul asked.Very scared!

‘I’m Jesus, the one you’re angry with. Now go along the road into Damascus. I will tell you what to do.’

Paul got up. He had met Jesus and he felt different now he loved people that talked about Jesus. Paul went along the road into Damascus. When Paul got there, he met a man called An a ni as who helped him understand more about Jesus. Soon Paul was talking about Jesus to everyone he met!

‘God had been with Paul all the time when he was angry and upset. God was with Paul now that he was different.’ God is with us all the time.
Paul started preaching the people were angry with Paul they thought he was still mean.

Paul seen a man his name was Barnabus
Barnabus wanted to help Paul
Barnabus said to Paul come with me I will tell the people to listen to you
you are not scary any more
The people listened to Paul
Barnabus was a good helper.
Barnabus asked Paul Can I go with you too i want to help tell people about Jesus too.
ok said Paul but God wants us to be missionaries
Wonderful said Barnabus I will bring my nephew Mark too
Off they went telling everyone about Jesus
Mark Barnabus and Paul
I Dont want to go anymore said Mark
ok said Barnabus stay behind then.
Barnabus stopped he listened to people talking about bad things
Is it good to talk about bad things?

Barnabus listened to the bad things
I Dont want to go anymore unless my nephew will go said Barnabus

You know your nephew dont want to go with us Barnabus said Paul
I want my own way or Im not going said Barnabus
Just like a baby Barnabus wanted his own way.
Barnabus made God sad
God dont let us help when we do things our own way.
We have to do what God wants.
God told Paul he was the leader missionary but Barnabus did not want to follow.

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