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Saturday, June 19, 2010


God created the Heaven and earth.

God has always been and always will be.
God made the sun
God made the moon
God made the star
God made you
God made birds chickens ducks and everything.
God made man
God made women
God made everything that was made
God saw that it was all good,
God is persons God is three persons one God
God the Father
God the son
And God the Holy Spirit
God is a Spirit you cant see a Spirit
But God can see us
God does not anything wrong
Next to God we are bad sinners
Sometimes we do things wrong
God can make us clean from sin
Everyone is a sinner babies too
God can clean our sins if we want him too
God can not have sin near him
God fixed the problem He put Jesus here on earth to pay the punishment for sin
Jesus had to die for our sins
Jesus had to die upon the cross
God the Father had to watch his own son die on the cross for our sins
God loves us a whole bunch
Remember the leaders we talked about
Well Isaiah was a good leader
One day he was in a temple the church
Isaiah seen a big big chair like a king sits on
God was sitting in the big big chair called a throne
Above the big big chair was angels with six wings
They were saying Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Host
Isaiah seen how good God is and how he was not that good
Lets thank God for loving us.

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