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Saturday, May 29, 2010

2 and 3 Year Old Sunday School Lesson


Long long time ago Moses was a Captain.

God told Captain Moses to bring the people from Egypt to the promise land.
Ok said Moses I will obey and do what you tell me.
Moses picked out 12 men one was Caleb and one was Joshua they were captains too.
God told All the twelve captains to be spies
Go into the promise land with this map and bring back fruit and other good things to eat said Moses.
Ok said the spies.
The spies found big grapes and lots of other good thing

The spies seen big big men bigger than your Daddy.

The spies said we are little like grasshoppers and they are big.

The spies stayed in the promise land for forty days.
Its time to go back and tell Moses about what we saw.
And show Moses these big big grapes.

As they arrived at home they yelled and blew a horn

Moses Moses Look Look at these big big grapes

Everyone came out of their tents where they lived
Wow big grapes said the people.

Lets live over there and eat lots of good food. Said Caleb and Joshua

No said the ten spies we are little like grasshoppers they will kill us
The people cried lets go back home to Egypt.
They were angry with Caleb and Joshua they through rocks at them.

Then God put a special cloud over the people and protected Caleb and Joshua.
And told the people you cant go into the promise land for forty years and only your children and Caleb and Johua can go.
God killed the mommy and Daddy`s because they did not want to obey God.
Joshua was the leader and the people followed Joshua into the promise land just like God promised.

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