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Saturday, April 10, 2010


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Jesus came to earth as a baby.

Jesus grew.

And grew

And grew

Jesus counts how many hairs you have on your head.

Jesus loves you soooo much.

Jesus was outside all alone.

Jesus was hungry.

Jesus had no food for 40 days.

Jesus prayed and prayed and prayed.

God listens to you when you pray too.

The devil came and talked to Jesus.

Your hungry Jesus, turn these rocks into bread!

No! said Jesus

I only listen to words that come from Gods mouth.

The devil went away.

Jesus walked and walked to Jerusalem.

There was preachers preaching about God and reading the Bible in the temple.

Jesus was outside in the big big yard.

Jesus seen a high wall and some stairs
Jesus walked and walked up the stairs.
Jesus is on the high wall.

The devil talked to Jesus again.

Jump off the wall Jesus the angels will catch you.

No! said Jesus,I might die or get hurt.
Go away Devil!
The devil went away.

Jesus climbed and climbed on a tall big mountain.

The Devil talked to Jesus again.
Look Look Look around Jesus
Do you want all this beautiful Kingdoms,cities and the countries?
If you bow down and worship me you can have them all.

Jesus said you get away from me devil!
I only worship God and him only.

The devil went away.
The devil is mean and naughty he tells Jesus to do bad things.
Jesus never does bad things.
Jesus is always good.

When little boys and girls want to be naughty.
They can pray and ask Jesus to help them be a good boy and a good girl.

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Mommy will be happy.
Daddy will be happy.

Sister will be happy

Brother will be happy.

Pastor will be happy.

You Will be happy
Everyone is happy.
You can pray and pray and pray.
sk God to help you be a good boy and girl.
Jesus will help you.

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