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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Announcing the Anchor Baptist Bible Institute

Great Sunday Preaching Pastor was preaching about how birds of the same feather flock together and ducks with ducks dogs with dogs And perfect timing the dog next door barked twice.I believe God was with us today.

I asked God to answer two things this morning before church and God did. It has been a great day.

I took a nap I was so tired now I can stay up late with my sweetheart and cook him some whoopie pies after we have cereal for supper our family tradition after church Sunday.

I Started this bible course on line my Pastor announced this morning.I Have some of the information here below.

Announcing the Anchor Baptist Bible Institute
The above image is a link to the Anchor Baptist Bible Institute - an on-line resource that will develop over time to become a source of Bible Study and Spiritual Growth. Currently, the course offering is limited, but over time, more courses will be added that will range from simple Bible Lessons to college level courses. Enroll to take the courses currently available, and keep checking back to see what new courses become available.

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