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Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 Year Old Sunday School Lesson

Sammy`s Little present
Long long time ago Sammy was not a good boy
Sammy wanted to make God happy
Sammy has a present for God

Lets open the present
See Sammy`s Little Lamb
It`s A baby Lamb

The baby lamb has no bumps or bruises
The Lamb says baa baa
Can you pat the little lamb
Sammy gave the Preacher at church his little lamb

Sammy told God he is sorry he is not been a good boy
God told Sammy its OK now, you gave me your lamb
God was happy Sammy gave God his lamb

You can give God A gift too.
Lets open the present
We give ourselves to God
See you in this mirror

You can be a good boy or girl
For your present
You can sing

You can say good words not bad words
You can do what Mom and Dad tells you to do
You can do what grownups tell you to do
You can smile
God will like your gift

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