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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How can one piece of dirt say to another piece of dirt im better than you?

God hates pride as the Pharisees found out.No matter what ones position is or how much money we have or how good we think we are none of us can say we are better than another.God does not have favorites.Are we separate from the world because we think we are better than they or separate because we know we all are so easy to fall?
We have to be careful and not be a judge and play God we have no way possible to know what goes on the inside that only God can see,when we say we know why a person is suffering or doing wrong we put ourself in the judgement seat of God.And looking at the outside.We have no way of knowing who is saved accept by fruits that are produced even so there are trees made with false fruit,anyone can play the role of a Christian we are not God we can not judge,My prayer is that God will help me keep my big mouth shut and keep me out of other peoples business Jobs friends were wrong for judging him.Any one can walk the walk and talk the talk of a Christian just like an egg we can not tell the good eggs from the bad until we open the shell.
I Pray that my life on earth will make a differece in peoples lives not people making a differnce in mine.We dont live long we all have the appointment of death.What are the loved ones that are gone on before us looking down and seeing?

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