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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Bible

This book My Bible God left it for me
today tomorrow forever will be
I must read before my day to start,
I press it dearly to my God given heart
For the good news will never end,
I Have found my very true best friend
Knowing that God gave his only begotten son
I will forever fight a battle that will be won
My Bible that I will hold up high,reads Im free!
My Savior forever , He dying gave it to me.
Though one day I Will be with the silent dead,
No more pain or suffering I Know what lies ahead
That will be my body my soul is living still.
I might not leave a fortune as it reads in my will
But I will leave what I owe just send me a bill
All I have to offer is my very best
Please pass on to others while Im at rest
You`ll find it by my bed post
It kept me out of trouble My bible I love the most

Written by Diane Price
Please feel free to pass on to others
Also Please keep the Email coming so I wont get discouraged thinking all my labor is in vain I also love your comments please keep them coming.I love to hear from you.

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