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Friday, June 4, 2010



God said to Joshua, "You are the leader now Moses died.. Walk Walk Walk this is all your land where ever you walk. Just be strong and do not be afraid.
For I am with you wherever you 
So Joshua sent two spies to a town called Jericho.
When they got there, they stayed with a woman named Rahab a nice lady. 
Rahab said spies get on my roof its dark out no one will find you here.
"I have heard you have a good God," said Rahab.

"Please promise me that you will not hurt my family when your people walk here to Jericho."
God told Joshua what to do. Joshua listened to God.
Knock knock let us in ! said the men we want the spies we know they are in there.
Rahab opened the door I Think they went that way hurry go catch them said Rahab
The men ran out trying to catch the spies
Rahab closed her door and ran quickly to the roof.
Come out spies the men are gone! Go out through my window I will hang this red rope out my window you climb down.
.  Go to the mountains and stay there for three days said Rahab
The spies climbed out the window and up the mountain for three days.
After three days they came down the mountain and crossed the Jordan river and back to the camp .
Joshua we are back! Said the spies telling Joshua all that happened, Moses then said great God will be with our army to go into the promise land and we will walk and God promised he will give us land where we walk.
There is a nice lady named Rahab that loves God she hid us We will keep her safe and all her family when we get there.
God keeps us safe when we obey like the spies and Rahab did.
God keeps you safe when you obey and listen to Mom and Dad.

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