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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Johnathan, a Friend 2 and 3 year old S.S. Lesson

Johnathan,a Friend

The people asked God for a King so God gave them a King named King Saul,and King Saul had a boy named Prince Johnathon he was kind. He was a good friend to Prince David.
Will you be my friend?asked Prince David.I will be your friend Johnathon no matter what ever happens I promise.I promise too! said Prince David.

Johnathan liked to share everything with his friend.If someone called David a bad name Johnathan would get mad and tell them dont call names he is my friend.

Johnathan had another friend he was called an armourbearer he carried a shield to protect Prince David.

One day the Philistines were being mean
to the Israelites Johnathan was a Israelite.The Israelites wanted to fight the Philistines.The Israelites had no weapons only Johnatahan and David had weapons not the other people.They were afraid of the Philistines so they ran from their homes to hide.King Saul,and Prince David wanted the mean Philistines to go away.They wanted to fight the Philistines.Prince Johnathon did not want to wait he took his friend the armourbearer and went up and down the mountains until they were at the Philistines homes.Shhhh! said Prince Johnathon to his friend I will call them if they tell me to come then I know God wants us to fight and He will be with us.Come on! shouted Prince Johnathan then he heard Come on! shouted the mean Philistines back.Ok God will be with us lets go friend and fight the mean Philistines.They sneaked down the rocks the mean people did not see them they were sneaking and killed twenty bad mean soldiers.The mean men seen some of their men not moving they were dead they were afraid they were killing each other then God caused an earthquake the ground was shaking God let them win the mean men fell in the big hole that God opened up on the ground. there was still more mean men to fight .On the way back Johnathon was hungry so he came to a tree and took out some honey with a stick that helped him to run faster and kill some more mean men.
Johnathans Dad told everyone not to eat but Johnathon did not know the men were afraid that Johnathans Dad would be mad but the honey helped Johnathan win.Saul did not love God very much so God didnt let him think very good all the men needed to eat.Johnathan was thinking very good God helped him because Johnathan obeyed God

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