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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The pharisee and the publican Sunday School lesson

Lesson Luke 18:10-14

SING: any praise song

Object Lesson: Give each student a plain balloon. show students how a deflated balloon is pliable. You can stretch it, wrap it around things, put it inside other things, pull it over smaller things. Then have everyone blow up their balloons. Talk about how it is no longer flexible. It is puffed up now, and can only be one shape. It is only able to be used for certain things.

A puffed up person is not as useful to God as a flexible, pliable, humble person. Humility makes us flexible, useable, and moldable in God's work.

Craft: Draw pictures or cut out pictures of things that God has made or done that we can not do.

The Publican And the Pharisee
The Pharisee said Im A good boy
I never do wrong
The Publican said
No No Pharisee you do wrong
You say you are good
The Publican said Im not always good
Im sorry God
The Publican made God happy he said Im sorry

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