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Friday, May 21, 2010

Naaman the leper 2 & 3 yr .old Lesson

2 and 3 year old Sunday School lesson
Naaman the leper

Israelite s are Gods people
Some Israelite s did not listen to God

See the army they were Syrians

Syrians were fighting the Israelite s
God let them be strong
Because the Israelite s didn't listen to God
God had the Syrians and their captain Naaman fight the Israelites
The Israelites took some of the people to Syria

One was a little girl God took care of.

The little girl was taken to Captain Naamans house
Captain Naaman was a sick man
He was sick with leprousy.

The little girl was sad captain Naaman was sick
The little girl told captain Naaman to go to her church and her pastor could help him
This little girls preacher is ELishsa

The preacher prayed and asked God what to do
GOd wants Naaman to dip himself in the muddy river seven times

Naaman was very upset he yelled seven times? I don't want to!
One of the army men said if you don't do what God wants you to do you won't feel better
You will stay sick
Ok said Naaman 1 2 3........456....7
Naaman did what God told him to do now he is all better

Sometimes we are like Naaman our pastor will tell us what GOd wants us to do and we get upset

Our Pastor is trying to help us
Our Pastor doesn't want to hurt us
Our Pastor will pray and ask God what should we do
And we should do it

Because when we do things for our Pastor we have done them unto Jesus

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