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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Mothers Prayer

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]Dear Lord, Can you recall
When I took time to stop and pray.
As I wash these finger prints off the wall
I Will miss them some day.

Since you chose me to be a Mom
I have been so busy matching socks
running errands to and from
adding childproof locks
Applying child proof door knobs

Wiping down a messy high chair
Cleaning laundry cleaning floors
only to smell something stinky in the air
Heating bottles getting my wrist all wet baby boy image
smelling a diaper or JR.thats hiding his underwear

lost pacifier dropped on the floor
Looking for a thermometer and the cell
Dont let the cat out the door!
My list may grow longer I can never tell

I want to take this time for prayer
soon my day wont be so long
you gave me not more than i could bare
Your precious gift the children that was once very small .

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