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Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 Year Old Sunday School Lesson

Lois and Eunice

This is Timothy and Timothy`s Mommy Eunice

This is Grandma
Grandma likes to bake bread

Grandma likes to read her bible

Grandma went to church with Timothy and Mommy.

The boys and girls playing said this is their god.

No No Thats not God.

A Preacher man named Paul Came to town.

At Church Paul the preacher talked about how Jesus died on the cross
Timothy believed The bible

Timothy listened to his Mommy and Grandma.

Timothy was a good boy

God made Timothy and you too.

Today is a special day
Today is a Day we think about Mommy
Today we thank her for being our Mom
Today we thank God for giving us a Grandma and a Mom

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