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Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 and 3 year old Sunday school lesson


Follow the leader is fun

Moses is a leader
Long long time ago
Everyone followed Moses

God told Moses he is a leader

This is korah

Korah does not want to follow Moses
Korah has friends

Korah told his friends don't listen to Moses

Korah told his friends listen to me
God is not happy with korah

God only wants one to lead

We should never say bad things about our pastor or mommy and daddy or teachers
This is our church

God gave us A leader

Pastor is our leader

Pastor gives us jobs

Pastor tells us how to do our job

We don't know how to do our job

But pastor can help

Pastor choses people to do the jobs

Pastor told me to be your Sunday school teacher
I'm glad I can teach you

Daddy is a leader at home
We should do what daddy tells us to do

Mommy is a leader
We should do what mommy tells us to do
We should always say good things about our leaders
God gave us leaders

Leaders help us to grow strong

We should thank God for our leaders and always pray for them

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