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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caleb`s bike accident

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Caleb’s bike accident
Caleb stayed home from school today he was not feeling well a day later I didn’t feel well.
Caleb the loving caring 15 year old decided to help out his Mom and ride his sisters
Bike to the store in which was only a half of mile away. In his back pack he carried two Burger King Meals
.I was sitting at the table being occupied by my lap top until the phone rang I picked it up
And all I heard was groaning sounds and an ambulance I knew the sounds was from my son
But did not know why I tried calling back twice and no answer so I hurried around the house
Praying for my garments to be found then I hurried in the car and heading for burger king on the
Way I seen an ambulance the stretcher and allot of people I slowed down thinking maybe that’s
My son then I thought don’t think that so I proceeded as I thought that is one bad car accident
.I drove up further and parked and called my son again this time a lady answered several times
She had to repeat I have your son here in the ambulance we are on the way to the hospital those
Words took forever before it seemed like forever to hear her finish the story as she finished
Saying your son has been hit by a car while riding his bike. I then told her ill meet her at the
.I then called my husband well actually I first called on God that is never to busy my husband didn’t
So I called my daughter that lives about a mile from the house. She was at the mall it would take
About 20 minutes
I told her meet me at my house as I arrived home a caring police man asked me if I heard and took me to
The hospital to see my son so I called my daughter and proceeded to the hospital she was driving
Behind the ambulance.
As my son was approaching a side street he seen a car come out and stop for an on coming truck.
So he thought the driver seen him so he proceeded as he did the SUV hit him as his back pack came
Off and as he dragged himself out of the street to avoid another car from hitting him'
Thank God he only has a broken leg and to know God loves my son more than anyone could love him .

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